Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Beta Menu Screen (Rumor)

YouTube user MW3Upload has claimed that they were allowed to film the Beta Menu Screen for the upcoming Call of Duty game Black Ops 2.

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CarlitoBrigante2508d ago

Too white, it'll hurt my eyes on my 50" screen, but then again, CoD died for me after CoD4.

Battlefield and Killzone all the way.

S_C2507d ago

I think it looks good

gatormatt802507d ago

Well if this gets taken down by Activision for copyright reasons then u know its legit

gatormatt802507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

And now its gone. Hmmmm.....

Alternate link. Not taken down...yet...

Lazy_Sunday2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

CoD4 was the great one, and CoD never died, it just hasn't lived up to CoD4:MW. CoD2 was okay, but CoD3 and [email protected] don't hit the quality bar. MW2 and Black Ops didn't raise the bar set by MW so they're condemned by critics and fans a disappointments,

MW3--summarizing opinions of most--sets in between MW2-Black Ops and [email protected] Not great, not necessarily good, not meh. Just okay.

Just so you guys know, it's either fake or an alpha build menu for testing. It could be legit, but if it is, this isn't the work of Treyarch or of a final build.

Regardless of it's made by Activision or not, it will probably be taken down because they don't like to create a public image of a product until 2-3 months before it's release.

MrGunny942508d ago

COD always has seperate menus.. for multiplayer... campaign.. and etc...

But since this is Beta menu couldn't be completed.. I don't know

ritsuka6662508d ago

Can't wait.. Black ops is best COD to date IMO.

CultOfPersonality2507d ago

agreed, i sold my MW3 just playing black ops now!

grahf2507d ago

I bought COD4 to see what everyone was talking about, $10 well spent.

My analysis?

It sucks compared to BlOps & MW3!

You kids are crazy with your 4 year old nostalgia glasses on.... Those should only be effective 10+ years! Yes, you all had a blast playing COD4, it was critically acclaimed for its time. You played it so much you burnt out on the entire genre and nothing else will ever eclipse it.

"Back in my day you only had 3 killstreaks, and you couldn't even choose them!"

Well, back in my day, you started with 3 lives, and when you lost them all you got a screen that said "GAME OVER" and you had to start back at the beginning.

Silly kids...

spicelicka2507d ago

You make no sense. No one is claiming COD4 is the best right now. It was the best when it came out because of the innovation and the way it introduced the perk system, just like you said.

"It sucks compared to BlOps & MW3!" No shit, if you bought the game now after playing the 4 other CODs that came after, you're gonna think it sucks. Like really? Do you have any sort of common sense to be making that conclusion.

First of all, the only reason i consider it the best is because it was it was something brand new that was fresh and addicting. You can even say mw2 was the best and it would be acceptable. But every COD since then has been the same crap re-hashed with a bunch of extra perks thrown in. Sure Black ops is better and more polished than COD4, but considering the time it was released (4 years after COD4), it should've been someting wayy different and more innovative. Then i would have called it "best".

Lastly, have you ever thought about the fact that having just 3 killstreaks and less perks likely kept the game more balanced? There wasn't nearly as much of a disbalance issue with COD4 because there were just enough features.

To clarify, don't make stupid comparisons with sequels if you never played the original game in it's prime. And, it has nothing to do with nostalgia, my opinion is based on the leap from COD3 to COD4, and the amount of fresh amazing ideas that kept it innovative.

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torchic2507d ago

Black Ops is just so nice.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Black Ops 2? man it's going to be a very good autumn/winter!

it defo looks legit though.

I think the most surprising thing of all is that they are having a beta for it. kudos to them.

InFAMOUS12507d ago

They always have a closed beta on 360...

Bounkass2508d ago Show
ThatIrishGamer2508d ago

Black ops was CoD in slow motion. Hideous.

GraveLord2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Really? Black Ops had marathon pro(you could run forever) while MW3 doesn't. This alone makes Black Ops much faster paced.

On topic: There is no Black OPs 2 beta. Just some kid trying to get some Youtube views.

Marz2507d ago

By beta they probably just mean a closed private early unpolished model that's only open to developers, testers, and family. There just isn't a "beta" open to the public.

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