Comparing Kara With Her Female Counterparts

GR - "Comparing Kara with her female counterparts from recent & upcoming games."

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sarshelyam2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Really? We're going to compare a full-on facial scanned character to these others that are completely designed from the minds and hands of texture and modelling artists? Apples and Oranges folks.

Furthermore, this really is a disservice to the art style chosen for any one of the other games. Kara looks fantastic, as will whatever QD is using the tech for, but to compare her model to the likes of Loosum Hagar (RAGE), Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite), and others? Well that's just silly. They look great, in their universe they look fantastic.

Sashamaz2409d ago

Actually just because the kara character was based on a real person it does not mean it was scanned in. In fact some of these characters that you say are designed from the mind could also be based on someone real. The development process of a character whether fictional or from a real person can (there are many ways of making 3D characters) be from reference of a real person even if it is later changed. Textures can just be taken from any other image or a site that supplies textures etc Considering that Kara is running in real time in-engine takes different forms from android to humanoid, it must mean that a modelling artist(s) made all her topology and got it ready for animation. Getting the right topology is not an easy thing to do. Any way I was just saying, it might not be just scanned :|

sarshelyam2409d ago

The difference is quite clear. David Cage is no stranger to full body scanning tech, that's what they used here, it's not conjecture on my part.

And yes, while any number of the characters in comparison could have been based on real people, they weren't scanned, they were done with artists so they instantly have a more stylized look.

That's not to say either is wrong, but the methods are completely different and really cannot be compared in the angle the article is conveying.

urwifeminder2410d ago

Yeah i think guys are trying to keep this hyped for some reason.