Is the Game Industry Exploiting Your Favorite Franchises?

Lately you've probably noticed that your favorite gaming franchises are appearing in stores more often. Instead of waiting impatiently for when the next iteration of your favorite series will be released, it's starting to become common to count on them appearing on a yearly basis. The gaming industry is continually growing larger and this has changed the way that publishers produce games, but while the bottom line of these companies may be benefiting, the question arises, is the same happening to the quality of the games you love?

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cain1414043d ago

I loved Cod 2 and 4... I hated 3...

i_like_ff74043d ago

Final Fantasy 7. God stop with the spinoffs....

Relin4043d ago

Squeenix is great at milking franchises until there's no market left. I wish they'd offer real "next-gen" remakes for the big consoles, not these handheld ports.

socomnick4043d ago

Yea when I think of franchises that are being whored out i think of Final Fantasy I think there must be over 20 games bearing the name final fantasy on them.

PirateThom4043d ago

Only 20?

Well, you've got the main series, plus numerous remakes and spin-offs, the Tactics games and the Crystal Chronicles games.

About 100?

I'd say so.

rofldings4042d ago

Disagree on Final Fantasy. It may have the FF name on it, but it's a completely different game..

Except for the spinoffs/movies..

But seriously, Square enix more than Nintendo/Mario/Zelda/Metriod/e tc?

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DarkSniper4043d ago

Microsoft is synonomous with the words stale, boring, same and redundant. It's been highly documented that Microsoft only focuses on the tried and true and their primary objective is to steal and launder money from their consumers while sending subliminal messages to the XBOX owner's brainwaves.

This slavery is not tolerated by those who have an even-keeled mind and have since boycotted the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft's intentions to change the gaming industry as we see it is why articles about the industry exploiting franchises are even being created.

PLAYSTATION 3® has once again re-written gaming history by including innovative features such as Blu-Ray, Video and music storage, remote play and many others. These features can be combined with the great exclusives never before seen in games such as Eye Of Judgement, Trials of Topoq and Echochrome.

Sony continues to create massive breakthroughs in the gaming industry and Dark Sniper and all of the other Sony Snipers will continue to give Sony our unprecedented support.


socomnick4043d ago

I applaud you for the well written comment although it means nothing because your beloved ps3 is dead in America. I don't want to hear how good its doing in Japan and in Europe. I only care how it does here in the states because it affects me and the games I play. I do not enjoy the Jrpgs that are filled with metro sexual males wearing super bright colors trying to figure out their sexuality.I also don't enjoy the kiddie platformers that seem to cater to the mind of a 10 year old. I want shooters that continue to have more and more gore.

PirateThom4043d ago

And that's exactly what is wrong with gaming. You're happy to play the same games with more polygons.

The FPS genre has been stale for a while now, nothing this gen has changed that.

That will always be the difference between a PlayStation and an XBox, the Xbox will always be a shooter console, while a PlayStation will actually have diversity.

Genki4042d ago

whos ready to be the successor to the last once he's gone. Nasim was the last one, Kevin before him, and the list goes on and on.

File him away with the rest of trolls...for some reason they don't get banned around here.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4042d ago

so you like playing the same game over and over again? well, then you are part of the problem. i bet you go see all the crap the movie industry puts out too. i would be willing to bet money you paid to see Live Free or Die Hard, all the RE movies, and AVP2. i would also bet that you'll buy all the crappy FPS sequels as fast as devs like EA can churn them out.

be part of the solution.

socomnick4042d ago

I am not saying I buy the crap shooters I'm just saying I prefer good shooters over platforming games and Japanese rpgs. I usually play 2 types of games Shooter games of some sort and Western rpgs.

DarkSniper4042d ago

Dark Sniper purchased Live Free or Die Hard on Blu-Ray to enhance full enjoyment on his PLAYSTATION 3®. He also thinks the movie was an excellent motion picture contrary to what critics may say.


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Skerj4043d ago

This isn't news, Capcom and EA have been doing this s**t since the beginning of time.

cain1414043d ago

If you read this thing, you would realize that isn't the point... It is expanding beyond just Madden and such now...

Skerj4043d ago

I read the article before posting I always do, Madden wasn't what came to mind when I mentioned EA though. The yearly Need For Speed, Medal of Honor, and Sims are what I was thinking of. The sports games are a given as everyone does a new update of those each year. Capcom is notorious for that as well with god knows how many Megaman games have been created. I could count Nintendo as a culprit with the annual "Mario ______" game(s). Maybe I should have expounded upon that in my first post instead of the single sentence, so for that I apologize. I am right though in who I pointed out.

wiizy4042d ago

long as the game is good and they improve it and make some innovation to it.. then its all good

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4042d ago

the whole point of the article is that innovation is not happening. Gears of War was an awesome game but i would be happy w/ never seeing a Gears 2. same for God of War 3, or any other game franchise, whats the point? i played it, i liked it, now give me something new.

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