SXSW Starhawk Beta Statistics

Dylan Jobe from Lightbox Interactive took to the stage at SXSW today to talk about the Starhawk beta with fans. Through a quick powerpoint presentation, the man went through slideshows highlighting the current nation by nation stat rankings for the beta. In shocking fashion, the USA was not at the top of any rankings.

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Consoldtobots2438d ago

interesting stats

that being said, I can't stop playing this game.
It basically has the best of all worlds. Starcraft, Tribes 2, Unreal Tournament, armored core....etc etc

If lightbox enhances gameplay even more we might have a game changer for the PS3.

r212438d ago

yeah man, they're so much things you can do in this game. exactly why i've been putting so many hours into this beta :D

Lord_Sloth2438d ago

Wish the party system worked. The Randomize Team option is stuck to on in the demo and it keeps splitting me and my friends up. Gah!

Consoldtobots2438d ago

yeah the broken party system kinda killed it for me and my kid. once they fix that i will be buying two copies.

VonBraunschweigg2438d ago

Worthless stats, I was hoping to read about stats per weapon and vehicle, what is mostly killed by what etcetera. It's rock-paper-scissors gameplay after all. I'm not good in a Hawk but you can bring-em down with a tank (use repairgun in 2nd seat is great) or if they're on the ground, with a jetpack & rocketlauncher combo.

I hope they ad at least 2 more load-outs, one with everything available and one without Hawks. Blasphemy perhaps, but I'm sure there's a lot of players who want a good old tankbattle without worrying about the sky. But great game so far, I'm really addicted:)

madjedi2437d ago

When the other side wants to be tank whores and mortar you every 3 seconds it gets annoying. As for the asshats that try running people over all the time ie repeatedly, those are the people that recieve my full attention my next respawn.

I love the mp but letting the enemy build emplacements ie turrents at your base is borderline game breaking, especially at the small space map with a enemy shielded supply bunker directly across from your base with a perfect line of fire.

Yeah that is probably the least useful stats they could have released, for gamers.