SSX Review – Catching Big Air or Rolling Down Mountains? | Total Revue

After a 7 year hiatus and a whole new generation of consoles, SSX has returned to our screens, once again filling us with unadulterated joy and pleasure by booting up, googles on and taking on the heights of many deadly mountain ranges. Before we start, let’s get this straight – SSX is nothing like its original launch trailer that resulted in millions of fans slowly cutting themselves. No, the latest iteration is the same balls-out, over -the-top and polished experience that you would come to expect from the series, combining some truly tricked out moves with an extreme experience.

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CarlitoBrigante2415d ago

The older SSX are way better then this, rewind function and the fact you can die in this game are so lame.

skip2mylou2415d ago

dying is always a possibility when doing outrageous stunts like these

CarlitoBrigante2415d ago

Have you even played the older SSX. SSX was always an unrealistic psychedelic snowboard game andthey never featured crevasses or dying

skip2mylou2415d ago

yes i have the older ssxs' playing tokyo megaplex was my favorite place but falling from those high height and not even injuring yourself made it not a challenge against the cpu

MysticStrummer2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

You're welcome to your opinion, though I completely disagree with you. This new SSX blows the old ones away completely. The fact that you couldn't die in the others, while going so fast and slamming into solid objects, was lame. Rewind was needed for them to make the courses as challenging as they did, and there's a penalty for using it. Incredible game.

EDIT - I played SSX and SSX3. Loved them both. This new one is so much better.