Kuma Kreations Ent Preview Armored Core V Developers Walkthrough

Quan Wrote: Greetings gamers and welcome back; this is Kuma and I am pleased to share with you this walk-through video showcasing what to expect in Armored Core V. I hope the video gives you a helpful idea of what to expect and the improvements of the game-play. The game will be released in North America March 20th and In Europe March 23rd of this year.

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slavish2469d ago

looks cool. i hope its campaign is full co-op this time!

SavageKuma2469d ago

I am very interested in this title as well!

ThanatosDMC2468d ago

I have high hope for this one... hopefully it has full co-op.

SavageKuma2468d ago

Full co-op would be a sweet deal.

Captain Qwark 92468d ago

im about 90% sure every mission is co-op. either way i cant wait

Kyosuke_Sanada2468d ago

Wasn't this video was on last week? Anyways, I really can't wait to pick this title up. Look out for Team Zeonic Front...

SavageKuma2468d ago

Okay you bring up something interesting where I guess you are referring to duplication post. How does that work exactly? I had a post about Prototype 2 and it was considered duplicate however went to the other persons site and all they had was one video. I had two videos, a synopsis of the game story and screen shots of the game, but mine was voted twice as duplicate. I just want to clarify how it can be a duplicate post so I won't have that problem again.