Double Fine Kickstarter total nearly matches Grim Fandango budget

TVGB: With Double Fine’s tremendous Kickstarter campaign now breaching the $2.7 million mark, dev boss Tim Schafer has revealed a rather surprised little fact on his Twitter account.

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MultiConsoleGamer2505d ago

Amazing! Democratic video game funding for the people. I'm really impressed.

NYC_Gamer2505d ago

I'm willing to help Indie studios fund new experiences at least they won't be limited by greedy publishers

vortis2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Who disagreed with you? Come on now, speak up! Is it a Capcommie? A Biobite? Come on now, speak up, speak up!!! Don't hide behind those Actinazis, their billion dollars can't hide you from the truth.

We all know you work in the industry in some capacity otherwise there is no reason to disagree with gamers directly funding projects that gamers want to play. It makes perfect sense...cutting out the publishing middlemen.

Enigma_20992505d ago

Boy, if this stuff catches on, you know publishers will move to put a stop to it.

Ingram2505d ago

That's not only a fact, it's a nudge from destiny.

TheMutator2505d ago

Now Brutal Legend 2 Tim!!!!!!!!!!

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