Forbes hits back Mass Effect 3 Day-One DLC

Xbigygames says: Forbes has criticised EA's aggressive DLC approach with the From Ashes content for Mass Effect 3. For those of you who are unaware, many Mass Effect fans are angered that the game had day one DLC. Many feel this was withheld from the original release. Forbes compares the music and games industry giving a unique view on why those who purchased Mass Effect 3 have every right to feel upset with the locked content.[...]

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Bimkoblerutso2508d ago

EA/Bioware's treatment of day one DLC is abhorrent. I know this, because I learned the word "abhorrent" just this morning.

gamingdroid2508d ago

I actually think the Online Pass is far more disgusting practice, but I can't say I support day-1 DLC either... at least the latter doesn't mess around with your freedom.

Sashamaz2508d ago

I disagree, the online pass only affects second hand buyers which does not concern me one bit. What Bioware has done however is disgusting, to add insult to injury they produced a shit game in the process. It's a shame I bough the CE on PC, I can't return or sell it on, the money's as good as flushed down the drain.

gamingdroid2508d ago


It doesn't affect you until you want to lend your game away to a family member or friend. It's also unclear to me what happens with the pass if your internet ain't working and the pass locks away single player (see Batman Arkham) content.

So it might not affect you now as many keep saying, but it surely will in the future. Online passes was just for online, and now it affects single player. Soon you can't play your game at all without a pass....

At least DLC, is a fair trade where YOU CAN CHOOSE to buy it or not.

k4rma2508d ago

Publishers / developers that do this do don't realise the long term damage they could be doing to the games industry. Essentially they are encouraging two class system of gaming.
A basic (bare bones) edition that has just enough content so that poorer gamers who cant afford the premium content don't have anything to complain about and a 2nd higher quality version that the rich don't mind paying for, but is the game that it was meant to be.

If allow this to continue, imagine how bad it could get in five years time?

Paying for HD graphics packs, otherwise standard versions get scaled back visuals.

Paying for music in your game otherwise you just get the basic sound effects.

Basically if we don't stand up to this now, its going to be a real problem in the future.

Thats my rant out of the way. SAY NO TO DAY 1 DLC!


I don't like supporting Day one dlc, Season passes or online passes.

The only dlc I will support is a full on expansion pack or something of that sort of scale.

The only dev's who have delivered anything close to that which I felt was worth the money is R* and Bethesda.

The GTA expansions were what i was expecting more of this gen in terms of how they expand a game with dlc, not this bullshit day one nickle and dime attitude that has taken over!!

wallis2508d ago

Yes the day 1 dlc is wrong but is anyone really that surprised EA and Bioware are being assholes? They're both pretty good at it lately. From Dragon Age 2 to the pitiful and disgusting rape of command and conquer they've both got some nasty war crimes in their past.

So if EA and bioware wanna pull this sort of crap that's fine but I hope they know I'm playing their game no matter what, the real variable in this equation is whether I'm paying for it.