Nearly 14,000 Mass Effect Fans Want An Altered Ending

A campaign has been started by Mass Effect 3 fans in an effort to persuade developer Bioware into changing the ending of the game. There’s a forum post on Bioware’s message boards which is asking users to vote on whether or not they want a new ending to be implemented. The post has garnered 16,000 votes, 87% of which were in favour of changing the ending.

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Chuk52415d ago

Is this blade runner or?

NewZealander2414d ago

jesus ive only done one main mission and the from ashes dlc, plus a few wee side missions, how people have the time to finish games like this so quick is beyond me, i saw alot of people saying they finished the game the night it came out, crazy.

ME3 is one of the best games ive played, its not like a movie where if the ending sucks then you watched the whole thing for nothing, no matter what the ending to ME3 is its the game thats amazing, and thats the most important thing, its gotta be better then halo 2's ending anyway!

beastlysensation2414d ago

hahahaa, yu havent played good games if you think this is one of the god, what has gaming come to these days.

Asthenos2414d ago

Not to ruin your hopes, but it's actually worse than Halo 2.

Chuk52414d ago

Sorry if his tastes aren't as distinguished as yours beastly. ME3 is a great game, you act like he said lost planet 2. Damn, why is everyone hating so obtusely?

duplissi2414d ago


different strokes for different folks.

so far i have really enjoyed me3 and nearly everything that bothered me about me2 has been fixed! more rpg! yes, loot! yes, no scanner! hell fucking yes, more fluid controls! yes. unfortunately there are a few new things that bother me now, less conversation options overall, from ashes dlc not included WTF!? (wont be buying it thats for sure) online mode!? entirely not necessary and if it werent for the fact that it contributes to your readiness then i wouldnt bother with the multiplayer.

but i suppose ill wait for full judgment till i beat it.

JhawkFootball062414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Honestly I'm okay with the endings. It just had to happen that way. If every story had that same fairy tale ending then they would all be the same.

OhMyGandhi2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

thing is though: it's the fans of the game, the live-and-breath-mass-effect types who buy it at the midnight release, and finish it without taking a sh*t...those are the ones, as mentioned before in this topic, that Bioware can trust to continue to buy their games day 1 and have an opinion day 2.

They are a very important statistic for Bioware to take note of.

Hell, I haven't even played the demo yet, so what do I know?

What I can suggest/infer though is that when people play and beat a linear action title, like say "Shadows of the Damned" (not knocking on that game, I love it...and blockbuster made me buy the game because it's now stuck in my PS3 due to the YLOD that happened just recently)
they are going to step back and say, "hey, what a fun game, and an ending that suites the narrative. I had no choice in the ending or the possible outcome, but I agree nonetheless.
Then you have Mass Efect, and the illusion of choice, and when an agreeable outcome is not in the cards (hell on this site, even those who say the endings aren't all that bad won't muster the courage to say they were "great" or "near perfect". That's when fans get understandably angry. It's just too bad that it's over a game as good as Mass Effect.

it just begs the question as to how future choice based trilogies will -ever- live up to the choices and expected outcomes of the players that made them.

EVILDEAD3602414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

BEFORE the game came out there has been nothing but people trying to spoil the game for the ACTUAL fans.

They kept trying to spoil the DLC and then when it clearly didn't work they went onto to spoiling the ending.

There are plenty of games that have ending that dissapoint people but what has happened with Mass Effect 3 is unprecedented.

Who cares if another bogus petition from people just like the day one haters on Metacritic never even played a minute of the full retail game.

Actual fans are aware of the attempts of fan blogger sites and haters who were in EVERY Mass ffect 3 related article talking about the leaked scripts and dishing spoilers.

The funny part is the game came out Tuesday and it's a 30 hour RPG and we are supposed to believe that day of ending bashing that has led to 3 day after ending bashing REALLY is authentic fans of the Mass Effect franchise.

Even if I absolutely HATED the ME3 ending I would NEVER spoil it for other who are trying to enjoy their playthrough.

At the end of the day, 14K simple clicks of a computer verses almost a million who actiually bought the game within the first 24 hours and a Metacritic of an amazing 94% from critics who played the game in its entirety.

LOL @ the petitions having as much of an effect as the ones against Modern Warfare 2 and every other failed petition in the past.

But now the precedent is set, we will see how people enjoy when every major game's ending is now spoiled from this forth on with fan blogger articles promoting it.


honkyjesus2414d ago

Chuk, we are hating very acutely.

If you don't see the probs a lot of others saw, fine. It is just an unfinished mess. When you call in Chobot and Freddie Prinze as voice talent you know there is something up with BioWare from the top down.

Legionaire20052414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Halo 2 was a cliffhanger,which is understandable cause it lead the way for Halo 3, but the series is still not done(Halo4). Don't even compare Mass Effect to Halo. The fact of the matter is Mass Effect story arc has ended with a disappointment. If you played all of the Mass Effect games you will understand why gamers are pissed off. Heck I am pissed off too!!! Yeah Mass Effect series is great, but the ending just doesn't fit with the success of the series. Let me give you an example(spoiler alert!!!). When you choose to save the Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 1, only to save her again if you choose in part 3, you never see her or the rachni army help out in the end. Not even a cutscene!!!! Same thing goes for the Elcor, the Volus, or Aria's army of thugs. They pretty much left alot out. It would of been better off if they release this game in the winter, cause in some ways it was pretty rushed. Remember how they were going to release Mass Effect 3 back in 2011, a year after Mass Effect 2? It would of been much worst. They should of cut the multiplayer, and add more to the ending. Mass Effect never had multiplayer in the first place, so why do it now? I hate the fact that on the 360 version you got to switch 2 disc like 6 times!!! I wonder why they didn't put in 4 disc like back in the PS1 days lol. I am all for fixing the ending!!! Just look at Fallout 3 for example they add more to the ending!!!

sikbeta2414d ago

WOW! looking at the number of nerds cryin out loud for something as usual, I can say this franchise is pretty big now

hay2414d ago

They should also patch the game.
Apart from disappearing pre-rendered reapers in cutscenes, the game had broken my PS3's filesystem yesterday. Good thing console repaired it.

limewax2414d ago

It's not even the ending that sucks, the final fight building to the ending goes on for an ridiculous amount of time, not to mention you are fighting enemies that the engine was never really designed for you to fight (Banshee)

The whole final stretch of the game was just atrocious, it went on so long my partner fell asleep from boredom and she used to love mass effect. But in reality there are many more issues than that with the game, the combat being the biggest issue..... so many enemies rush you, but in a cover shooter where everything takes a million bullets that pretty much means get out of cover and die

ABizzel12414d ago

There's a difference between offering ideas, and b!tch!ng and this has turned into b!tch!ng.

There are 14,000 of your wanting a new ending. How about you all go to college and learn to design games and make your own games if it means that much to you.

If you feel you could do a better job go out and do it.

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Nimblest-Assassin2414d ago

Unfortunatley curiousity got the better of me an I looked up the endings.

I do not think the endings are bad, but rather lack closure to all the events you've done. It feels very abrupt.

I would not call it bad like most of the people here, I guess I wanted more.

But it has some very somber music that I highly enjoyed

I would not tell Bioware to change these endings completely, but rather give outlook on how what you did affected the galaxy. That is all

LOGICWINS2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Call me emotional, but after seeing that ending on Youtube..I'm not getting the game. Loved ME2 with the exception of the Collector's plot(the characters made the game for me), but I can't bring myself to devote 30 more hours to Mass Effect knowing that I'm getting a half-baked ending like that. In fact, I'm selling ME2 2morrow. I'm tired of Bioware's lies and b.s. I don't see a reason to keep playing knowing that my choices won't deeply affect the final outcome.

Nimblest-Assassin2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )


I still say you go get it, the experience is well worth it minus those last 10 minutes. The game has some truley incredible moments especially if you are a fan and played ME2. TRUST ME THOSE DECISSIONS YOU MADE DURING ME2, THOSE CHARACTERS YOU AND I LOVE WILL GREATLY BE AFFECTED BY WHAT YOU DID IN ME2. SCREW THE ENDING, DO IT FOR THE CHARACTERS YOU LOVE.

Thats why I will push knowing I am going to get that ending, I love Mass Effect, the characters the universe and I am so devoted to it, I understand why people are so pissed of at the ending. Honestly feel extremely somber right now.

All I will say is I wish he had a chance to test those seashells.

Its a shame though, when Im playing ME3 I love it so much,even though I know that ending is coming.

But whenever I log on to N4G and see all of these, Bioware is evil articles, it is sad because even though it is a truley incredible game, I can not deny Bioware has changed for the worse.

The fact that from ashes was now revealed as content on the disc is very disheartening, and now my enjoyment of this incredible game is now hampered. I should stop coming here until I finish it, enjoy it, and hope to return when this whole BIOWARE IS THE DEVIL stuff blows over.

Sigh... what happened to the Bioware I loved playing KOTOR and ME2?


unfortunately, people here have lowered my love for Mass Effect3 . Because of them, I know how it ends because people kept complaining about the endings, and now I see Javik, my favourite squadmate as something that everyone should have been entitled to rather than me whom bought the CE edition.

I only bought the CE for the steelbook, artbook, patch and soundtrack

Im a sucker for that stuff

ME3 is an excellent game, people are just really dissapointed at the ending and are exaggerating by saying it is awful. But dropping the ball is a perfect way to say how they ended Mass effect. I hope they expand on it.

Anon19742414d ago

I really didn't care for the ending of Lost either. Let's make a petition and maybe they'll get the cast back together and film a new finale. And while we're at it, I thought the ending of The Road by Cormac McCarthy was too damn bleak. Left me depressed. Let's start a petition and maybe he'll punch it up a bit. Throw in a happy reunion at the end, maybe a puppy...

ritsuka6662413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

SHM,did people expect? 20+ vastly different endings?

And loyal fans?Please.I adore Mass Effect, I'm just as loyal as others, but I'm not crying over the endings. I personally don't see what the big problem is.

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Intentions2415d ago

Lol implying that 14k of fans are the majority. xD
People on the forums are the hardcore fans, where all the bitching, whining etc is. Also they want everything to be perfect.

If Bioware changed the ending of the game, it might turn out the same as the original.

denero12414d ago

Aren't the hardcore fans people bioware wouldn't want to piss off? if the hardcore fan's are upset then doesn't that mean maybe bioware made a mistake if their most loyal are upset?

Also it was done by vote of a poll so going by that poll alone the majority agreed there was a problem

ginsunuva2414d ago

EA doesnt care. Hardcore fans = $60. Everyone else = $60.

Tr10wn2414d ago

That was a poll on a forum full of whiny fanboys, 14k is not even close to to the majority, ME3 already sold millions, the problem is that now days there is whine in every game heck in everything in life, people can't get enough so they just whine, let them whine, i havent seen the ending but a friend of mine told me something a about an ending similar to The Sopranos that was another ending people was whining about, but still it was ok for me and i like it so goes to the other 10 millions of fans...

Hovis2414d ago

The thing about 'Hardcore' fans is that you will never ever please them. No matter what you do, gameplay/story wise it will always fall short of their expectations.

All developers can do is try to find a nice middle ground where there is enough to satisfy the 'Hardcore' but can also allow others to jump in on the experience.

At the end of the day as 'Ginsuniva' says (his comment is also epic), 'Hardcore' fans are not somehow more valuable then other fans. Sure they might buy more of the franchises stuff but as the last few weeks have shown they are far easier to piss off.

At the end of the day if Bioware lose a 'Hardcore' fan then they loose one person. The game has apparently sold 3.5 million copies so 14k don't mean anything to them.

Hozi2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I think Bioware should do what CD Projekt Red did with The Witcher. Release an enhanced edition. So give them 6 months to put that new edition of ME3 with a different ending and gameplay improvements

and offer it to the already paid customers for free.

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Canary2414d ago

It's over 21,000 votes, now. With the game less than one week old, and the poll limited to people who, you know, are aware it exists and take the time to sign up for an account and vote... it's a HUGE number.

And they've got an overwhelmingly legitimate point: Mass Effect 3 is a great game 99% of the time... yet it delivers the single worst "ending" the gaming industry has seen in the past 20 years. It's unforgivable.

Either stop talking out of your ass and play the game so you can understand why so many people are pissed off, or give up on this hobby altogether.

Intentions2414d ago


It is just the ending, in a couple of months no one will care about it.

Plus i am playing Mass Effect 3 atm, i'm sorry that I don't spend every spare time to play games. Hence why some people has already finished it. I only just finished the part where you have to save the Krogan queen. Clearly I don't play much, but I can still have an opinion on this. (i have read people's disappointments with the ending/s).

Xof2414d ago

Yes, you can have an opinion on it... but that doesn't mean it's a valid opinion. You don't know what you're talking about. If you're happy with the ending, you're not an RPG gamer and don't care about the ME story at all. Even beyond, you know, there not being any different endings and your choices not mattering, there's zero closure.

It's like if Lord of the Rings ended the moment the Ring was destroyed, or Star Wars ending the moment the Emperor dies. Sure, it would have been an "end"--but it would have been an AWFUL end--and that's precisely what we're given with ME3.

And beyond that: plot holes. Oh my God, the plot holes. It'd be one thing if they couldn't maintain coherence with the previous two games, but ME3 can't even maintain a coherent canon to ITSELF.

Nimblest-Assassin2414d ago


I will care because how much I love Mass Effect. It is such an incredible game in terms of story, character and universe.

But the ending is so disappointing, that when I saw it I had a heartache. It was such an abrupt ending.

Imagine if George Lucas ended Star Wars at Episode 5. (Sure you would not have the prequels...but still)

If that ended the saga, I would be damned pissed, because there are so many questions left unanswered, and stuff unfulfilled.

As a diehard fan, the ending is heartbreaking, and it will haunt me for some time.

Legionaire20052414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

"yet it delivers the single worst "ending" the gaming industry has seen in the past 20 years. It's unforgivable." Canary

Uhh make that in the last couple of months, you are forgetting Deus EX: Human Revolution that did the same exact thing. In that game you have the choice of 4 computers to get an ending lol!!! WTF!!! Your choices don't matter in both games?

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fluffydelusions2414d ago

I was fine with the ending until about the last 5 minutes or so and then it just got weird.

Simon_Brezhnev2414d ago

The ending was so bad i cant even replay none of the previous ME games. No matter what you do yo basically get the same damn ending. Dont let Bioware fool yall and say its 16 different endings.

Aloren2414d ago


Just cause you get the same ending when it comes to Shepard doesn't mean you don't get a different ending. I mean controlling the reapers or destroying them, saving earth or not... those are different endings to me. (Though I admit I'd like a more traditional happy ending)

Simon_Brezhnev2414d ago


I could careless about a happy ending i like tragedies more but this ending was straight up BS. I mean Bioware brags so much about diversity but their hypocrites to the ME3 ending. I wish they had a bad, neutral, or good ending. People are mad because they spent that much time on ME3 satisfying your whole crew just to get this ending.

Whats funny is Tali, Edi, Garrus and the rest was all on the ground when you started the mission. So how the hell do they get away if you destroyed all machines basically. They should had been left on earth dead or something.

Aloren2413d ago

I admit the normandy bit is out of place. That doesn't mean the outcomes when you talk to the guardian are not different.

Anyway, there's a popular theory right now : it could be an hallucination (hence the presence of shepard on earth in rubbles when you pick the "destroy the reapers" ending).

Megaton2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I'll try to be vague, but my post may be a bit spoilery.
I didn't like the Normandy's fate. It was a plot hole. I also didn't like how there was no clarity about the impact of what happened in all 3 endings. The same thing happening in one spot wiped out a whole system of Batarians in ME2's Arrival DLC. Are we to assume that all systems have just seen similar genocide after all we did to help them for the entire game? Who knows? BioWare just abruptly ended the game with no explanation and a half-assed CGI.

Hovis2414d ago

*SPOILERS* Sorry if I ruined anything for anyone but you have been warned!

I'm gonna assume you're talking about Joker escaping the huge explosion thingy and crash landing on the tropical planet with 2 other members of your team, not all 2!?!?!?!?!?

Where the hell is everyone else?

Why is this significant?

Why didn't they just stay behind on Earth?

The endings overall are bad but mostly because they just open up so many questions. Also the endings were just too short, we didn't get to see life just after the Reapers left/destroyed. We just got a flashforward to life thousands of years later (I assume) to 2 completely irrelevant.

Man I sound like a whinny little brat...

Megaton2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Normandy shouldn't have even been in such a position. There was no reason for them to be making a relay jump when it happened. They were all on/around Earth, and there was no reason for them to be anywhere else.

Hovis2414d ago

^ Also how did your squad members get on the ship.

The Normandy left at the beginning of the London mission.

Then they're fighting with you in the trenches.

Then you're charging towards the big laser to go to the citadel. But your squad is still with you at that point but then you get shot by Harbinger.

So how is it that after begin shot by a Reaper they leave my body behind, escape to the ship and somehow it's all good, and they haven't taken any damage?

But maybe Harbinger missed my squad members? If yes why did they leave me there to die?

The more I think about it the worse it gets. It's only annoying because the rest of the game was so good.

JaredH2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

The whole ending was a plot hole.


Shepard's alive in the "good" version as he breaths in a pile of rubble. How is he breathing in space on a blown up citadel? He must be on Earth then but he would have died falling from the atmosphere so is the whole ending a dream and he was passed out by getting hit by the Reaper laser? Like honestly I'm starting to believe the rumors that the whole ending in the citadel is Shepard being indoctrinated by the Reapers and trying to get him to "control" them like the Illusive Man because it makes more sense than what actually happens lol.

Megaton2414d ago

Yeah I've seen the thread about this ending being a hallucination, and that BioWare will patch in the real ending soon. Desperation and dissatisfaction that lead to clutching at straws, IMO. It only kinda makes sense because of how poor the ending was. The old leaked script basically has the same ending, although there was more context, and I believe Anderson and your LI would come pull you out of the rubble if you survived.

JaredH2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Yeah I doubt that's the actual ending but Shepard being alive is just another plot hole that you're supposed to be happy with for finishing the game in the best way. Endings that you unlock by doing the most things throughout the game are supposed to add to the story(like the Halo 3 legendary ending) not just confuse it more. I would have been more than happy with an ending like MGS4 that ties everything up, even if it was in a bleak way. I also don't care about them changing it I just wish they would have made the ending coherent and make sense.

Pintheshadows2414d ago


Even if that's true it still means Bioware basically ended the trilogy with a glorified dream sequence (bad writing part 1). They might as well of cut to black halfway through London.

The fact I had James with me when harbinger struck was all the more confusing when he stepped off the inexplicably fleeing Normandy on a mystery planet (bad writing part 2).

And what was with the framing device thrown in at the end of the trilogy with the creepy man in the woods with a child (bad writing part 3). You can't just throw things like that at an ending and expect it to work.

I would of rather had some closure on the fate of the galaxy. The repercussions of all those aliens being stranded in Sol for example after the relays had gone. The rebuilding of Earth. How the galaxy recovers from no FTL travel. What happens to your friends etc etc.

The fact that the rest of the game was incredible makes the ending even worse. How could Bioware of thought that they were acceptable?

Bioware, you got some 'splainin to do!

OdinX2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I simply love how most people have a legit reason to be mad at the endings. Honestly, it's been said already by all who posted before me, but the problem isn't what happens to Shepard, rather, it's the lack of closure and understanding. In all regards it FAILED as an actual ending to a SERIES.

These endings would've been somewhat acceptable had ME3 been a standalone title with no plans to be a series, but the fact that so much time and effort is invested to have these endings happen is what's pissing off so many fans. I myself am not mad, just completely disappointed in the endings, NOT the game itself.

I do wish Bioware does something to give proper closure to such an amazing series; the Mass Effect series certainly deserves it. Hell I wouldn't mind if had to sit through 20-30 mins of cut scenes just to completely understand what happened as a consequence to all my decision-making.

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PooEgg2414d ago


"But maybe Harbinger missed my squad members? If yes why did they leave me there to die?"

This is what I keep thinking about too. No matter how I look at it, I cannot imagine any of Shepard's team members being alive, but not trying to save him. The way it ends it feels like everyone just abandoned him, and ran away like cowards, and that just does not make any sense to me.

Bimkoblerutso2414d ago

It's an ending to the game. If you didn't like it, fine. But to ask to change the ending? That's ridiculous. The only writers for the game work at Bioware. Go write some fanfic you whiny a-holes.

Pintheshadows2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Until I played it that's how I felt but calling the endings awful is very very polite.

Bimkoblerutso2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I'm not saying you shouldn't be calling the ending awful. I'm saying that to insist that they change it is childish.

OdinX2414d ago

If we (the fans) shouldn't insist in changing it or voicing our opinions to Bioware (the makers of the game) how are they gonna know what we really feel about it. Some people have invested some serious time into the playing and understanding the game as a whole. The series is just TOO GOOD for it to end that way. I can't think of any analogy at the moment, but it certainly warrants some type of change...closure.

Bimkoblerutso2414d ago

Let me just be absolutely clear here. I'm NOT saying people shouldn't be voicing their opinions. If you don't like the ending, then by all means, let them know, but purchasing a product does not entitle consumers to dictate the artistic direction of these games.

That would be the WORST kind of pandering and it's contrary to any kind of artistic integrity in the industry.