I Missed The Mass Effect Boat

Missing the boat leaves this writer stranded on a dock, watching the Normandy float away in the sky.

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MysticStrummer2413d ago

I missed the Mass Effect boat because of two reasons. (1) I don't own a 360 and (2) The demo for Mass Effect 2 left me with an overwhelming "This is what all the fuss is about???" feeling. If there is ever a Mass Effect Collection for PS3, with all 3 games plus DLC included on one Bluray... I'll consider buying it.

Rolento2413d ago

I purposely missed the boat because Dragon Age is better.

Tex1172413d ago

Dragon Age Origins might be considered better, but to say DA:2 is have some interesting tastes.

facelike2413d ago

I missed the original boat when it set sail. I auditioned the second boat but really didn't like the ride. I recently tried the newer third boat and still didn't like it.

I find I just don't like that mode of travel, but that's just me.

Insomnia_842413d ago

I just finished playing the PS+ Full Game Trial and after 30 minutes that's exactly what I thought. I was like:"o.0? ...what's so great about this game?" like the writers said, graphics are ok.

.Sound is......ok. Watch the conversation between shepard and the commander at the beginning of the game when the ship picks them up and the commander, the black man, decides to stay. There's big things happening there, they are talking next to a "space shiip", there explosions, guns being fired, there's some sort of river there. but all you here is shepard and the black man talking like if they were in a hotel room sitting next to each other.

.Facial expression is.... meh!
.Story is good.
.Controls need work. Try to run and turn left/right... wth? Unit 13 on PS Vita controls better in this situation. Changings guns should be as easy as pressing a bottom, not pressing AND holding it, same thing for running, jumping ledges etc.

I played the ME2 demo when it released on PS3 and now the full game trial for an hour of ME3, it's a good game but not that great as some people say. Other races invading/killing human race on planet earth, one more to the hundreds of those. I'll give it a rent, I'm into the story already so why not.