Another look at the Diablo 3 Beta – The Devil’s in the details (

Are you crying in the dark, waiting for Hell to erupt once again? The wait has been long and hard, with many traps along the way. With all those leaked release dates, a few April Fool’s and far too many times hearing “Soon™” from our friends at Activision-Blizzard, your weary soul may have broken. Fear not, because unlike all those crazy Mayan calendar nutjobs, the apocalypse will be soon, but it will be totally online, hidden in dark rooms with glaring screens, the sounds of whirring fans almost lost behind the frenetic sounds of mouse clicks.

Even if the end of the earth occurred, very few of us would notice, as long as our internet connections stay undisturbed. We would survive the apocalypse, fuelled by the need to grind, to kill, maim and destroy our way to become the strongest and fastest. We are survivors. We survived a decade of torment, and in the interim, we have prepared.

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JohnnyMann4202438d ago

Nah I have completely given up on DIII.

It's being released at least 3 years too late, the graphics are totally meh and the gameplay is TBH behind the times.

I am in the DIII beta, I was a DII player for years. DIII is too little too late.

Hell all Blizzard has done is trash the product for the last 6 months, why would anyone buy it is beyond me.

NeoTribe2435d ago

I bet youll still buy it :).

JohnnyMann4202435d ago

Ha... you might be right, but seriously the beta ruined it for me.

It's just boring. I think my gameplay style has changed.

I like dungeon crawlers. I love loot. D3 just seems slow and boring compared to other games now.

I will probably just play Guild Wars 2 and if I want a dungeon crawler, play Torchlight 2 when it comes out.