Gaming Symmetry | Exploration and Interactivity in Zelda: Majora's Mask

There’s a lot of good to be found inside Majora’s Mask, people just need to know where to look.

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BldyShdw2412d ago

I need to play this game again. Never beat it.

TooTall192412d ago

Is this on the Wii Store? If so I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it.

smashdaisaku2411d ago

It is on the VC, it was their 300 release!

ignorantsonsof_2411d ago

This was a great read, and I'm glad Majora's Mask is finally getting the attention it deserves. I was also happy to see that Majora's Mask was such a big part of the 25th anniversary zelda poster with all the different versions of Link on it, with Fierce Diety Link as the largest one on it all the way at the top.