Physical and Psychological – A look Into the Effects of Gaming

Nathan Handley takes a look at the physical and psychological effects gaming can have – Is it dangerous or are certain people taking it too far?

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violents2438d ago

i hate arguments for this kind of stuff, if you get addicted to anything it's not the things fault its yours or perhaps the fault of some mental issue you may have. Obsessive behavior and addiction are not caused by games and violent behavior is not caused by violent games.

If you play angry birds too much do you want to start slingshoting birds into buildings?

M83_2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I agree, you can take anything too far to the point where it begins to effect you negatively.
But these aggressive streaks and mental problems are already present, games don't create them.
The media loves the idea that they do, but in reality these crazy acts of violence stem from the person, not the games they play.

Saryk2438d ago

If someone plays games and then goes on a shooting rampage then it is the games fault, but not the losers fault?

We believe in evolution, but don't apply it to people?