Gen-X Dual Station Plays Sega Genesis and NES Games

Bob Slob of writes, "Nowadays, you can find many classic Genesis and NES games on Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console, but nothing beats popping any cartridge you find lying around into a system that's designed specifically to play those old school titles."

"This new hybrid console lets you play the best of the 8-bit and 16-bit video game generations, offering full compatibility with games both the Nintendo Entertainment System and the SEGA Genesis."

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INehalemEXI4571d ago

Tempting even though I have a PSPCPS360Wii

ReBurn4571d ago

I wouldn't mind having one of those.

RecSpec4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

The 16-bit console war that is.
Unfortunately I find blowing cartridges more annoying than nostalgic.
And why isn't this compatible with SNES cartridges!?

Mr Tretton4571d ago

now I need back all my old cartriges.

where are people going to get games? I know they aren't going to sell them anymore. I guess this is for people who kept all those games but have burned out systems.

I never have time for nostalgia when today is so good. :)

DarkSniper4571d ago

Dark Sniper is saddened to see Super Nintendo/Famicom functionality to be disabled from this system. SNES was co-designed by Ken Kutaragi. Which is the reason why any and all sound and music was vastly superior than the rival Sega console.

Due to lack of SNES playability, Dark Sniper will not be purchasing this gimmick.


SaiyanFury4570d ago

Agreed. I'll just stick to playing the emulated versions of the games on my PC.

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