GameTrailers GOTY Awards 2007: Best Trailer/FPS/Graphics and More

More categories along with the winners from the GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2007:

- Best Trailer: Devil May Cry 4
- Best First Person Shooter: Halo 3
- Best Graphics: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
- Best Music and Rhythm Game: Rock Band
- Most Disappointing Game: Lair

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TANOD4581d ago

@ worlds got 1/10 or 2/10 from most websites including Gamespy.

No game is worse that 2 worlds --an X360 exclusive and also Hours of Victory -- an x360 exclusive that got 2/10 from Gamespot

JokesOnYou4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

those games you mentioned were never hyped, Lair appeared on all most all the most anticipated lists of ps3 exclusives and was expected to be a huge AAA game, ironicly you yourself were one of the many sonykids who championed Lair, prior to its release many, many times, so its surprising how conveniently you forget the *pre-launch hype that surronded this game, but the bottom line is for Gametrailers Lair is the "Most Dissapointing Game", nothing you say will change that.


JasonPC360PS3Wii4581d ago

Don't you have some "waiting" to do? better get to it that waiting isn't going to wait for itself you know.

Cheers Xbox fans (clink) HERE is to pwning 07 and (clink) here is to 08, the year the PS3 was destroyed (again) Heres to the PS3rd Droids (cli...) oh shoot, uh um, I guess were still "waiting" on your glasses :D

JasonPC360PS3Wii4581d ago

PS3rd Droids arn't going to like this one bit, it will end up with GT being payed by MS and we should see many comments about RROD and 2008. That is where it will end as usual because they cant lie past that #1 in gme sales, #2 in console sales, #1 in online, #1 in AAA's and #1 attach rate (don't even try that adding Blu-Ray movies to up the pathetic 2.9 game attach rate for the PS3 DJ)

LAIR = funny as hell
Halo 3 = best FPS, heeelllll yeah.

Texas GMR4581d ago

the graphics in person of Uncharted, but from looking at the videos, it sure looks like it has better graphics than COD4. Hearing that guy talk about the reason they gave it to COD4 sounded pretty weak. They should have just came up with a "Coolest on all consoles" game award and gave it to COD4.

RudeSole Devil4581d ago

Game Trailers sucks, COD4 is a great game but best graphics. Walk up to any and have a flash back to pixel haven. Uncharted or Gears would of been more of an accurate pick. Halo 3 best FPS WRONG more like most disappointing. For all the fuc_king hype around this game and it's really just Halo 2 HD, this was the most disappointing game ever. What about Bio-Shock, UT III, Crysis any of these are way better than Halo 3. Best trailer hands down Resident Evil 5, Game Trailers Sucks again.

spammy_nooo4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

what a sh!tfaced list.

best fps: halo 3??? - should be COD4 or Bioshock
best graphics: COD4??? - should be Uncharted or R&C
best trailer: How do they judge this?

The best rhythm and music game is basically just a contest between rock band and guitar hero. That category really isn't populated enough by high-budget games to have its own category. yet.

This list seems last minute and [email protected], sorry.

I've just realized that my comment sounded like one of the oh-so-many people I hate on this site. I'm not going to alter it because it IS what I typed, but I am going to say sorry and it won't happen again. I guess I'm in a bit of a mood.

I'm telling people what they should think is the 'best' in certain categories. haha I'm disappointed in myself :(

jaja14344580d ago

How nice of you to realize a fault, and then own up to it. If only others could learn from you. ;)

TheExecutive4580d ago

I read your post like an opinion; with that said, there is nothing wrong with your post.

slak4581d ago

halo3 best fps hell yea

Dr Pepper4581d ago

What makes it the best FPS in your opinion? What raises it far above Bioshock and Call of Duty 4?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4581d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

This Years Best

FEAR Files
Halo 3

Clive Barkers Jericho
Hour of Victory
Soldier of Fortune

Next year predictions
Crysis (console)
Quake Wars (360) id isn't a big fan of the PS3
Project Origin
Frontlines Fuel of War
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Project Offset
Left 4 Dead
Fallout 3

Killzone2:being made by the same devs, the first horrible 7 rating flop
Legendary The Box
Postal 3
To End all Wars
Rogue Warrior
Dead Island

Jury still out
Turning Point
Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway
Conflict Denied Ops
Unreal Tournament 3

JokesOnYou4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

Well it like this, Bioshock is hands down the best single player shooter I've played this year, the story is quality movie material the and graphics kick ass too.

COD4 was a short but fcking intense single player action, with sweet graphics, and the online multiplayer is a blast also, but its pretty much like many other online shooters, which isn't bad, and in many aspects its better, I love how it quickly gets you right back into the action, but compared to Halo3 multiplayer it simply lacks the depth,

Halo3's single player campaign was a solid very well told story and as always the best gameplay with some nice wow moments like fighting the giant Scarab the first time, etc but the added "team aspect" of online co-op to play through the campaign with 3 additional friends kicks ass too, and despite how "some" try to hate on it the graphics Halo3 looks awesome, with some great hdr lighting, but make no mistake YES COD4's looks better, and maybe thats why Halo3 gets attacked, because its NOT the best looking, ha ha even though COD4 has lower res 600p, amazing what IW pulled off huh?, but then the multiplayer side Halo3 is just hands down the best of any console game, the saves, the replays, allowing you to share them and review them yourself and even develop a better strategy based on mistakes you can see in your gameplay/habits, then you have the best weapons, vehicles, and all the creativity that comes with the forge and the map editor. Simply put Halo3 has no equal in the multiplayer dept for a console game.


Alcohog4581d ago

COD4 best graphics? BAHAHAHA what a joke. People must be blind. COD4 had great animations and models...along with some of the worst backgrounds and textures I've seen this generation. Best graphics...I lol'd, I truly did. And Halo 3...I needn't say anymore.

Rice4581d ago

LMAO, halo 3 was a really good game but it didnt live to my expectations, Call of Duty 4 should have won that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4581d ago

(rip) Yup you got it, you won you won!

TANOD4580d ago

i am disappointed after playing it. Uncharted should be the game of the year in terms of graphics.

@jason 360

Killzone 2 will murder that xbox 360 this year and u think it would turn out to be one of the worst games of 2008.

no game in x360's lifetime would stack up against FF13,MGS4 and KZ2

expect some serious pounding this year when KZ2 murders x360

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