Access ME3 From Ashes DLC for free

Information has surfaced which reveals that "From Ashes" downloadable content was not only already available in Mass Effect 3 but that PC users can unlock the DLC squad-member with just a few easy steps.

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dedicatedtogamers2416d ago

EA/Bioware defenders are idiots. It's clear that EA is pulling a fast one on you suckers. This is yet another piece of proof that From Ashes was cut for the sole purpose of DLC-whoring.

morganfell2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

People at Neogaf are having a field day with this. And once it hits Gaf you're done.

Love the video and love the top Youtube comment:

DLC = Disc Locked Content.

Direct Link:

The next DLC plan revealed:


I agree with LordMe. Bioware has an unbeleivable amount of autonomy. People should be angry but make sure you are angry at the right people. Bioware's relationship with EA is unlike any other studio/publisher arrangement. They have far more freedom than most dev teams that are "owned".

lociefer2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

not only the ending was absolute cr.ap , but also they charge 10 bucks for something thts already on the disc , wtf ea you trying to top capcom or smthing !?!!

PersonaCat2416d ago

All I've seen from Morgan this past week are incredibly detailed and knowledgeable posts. Really goes against the whole, "one bubble people are nothing but fanboys"

Diver2416d ago

"Meanwhile, Muzyka and Zeschuk stress that they still make the decisions, and aren't told what to do or forced into anything."

nevercloser072416d ago

I keep thinking of Diablo 2 or Age of Empires when it comes to the proper way to do expansions / DLC.

I don't mind little DLC (like UC3 selling individual skins for a buck or w/e). The thing that annoys me is when you miss out on integral game related experiences by not having the DLC or expansion. Both the expansion and original game should feel like complete entities for the most part.

LX-General-Kaos2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Bubble Up Morganfell.. Let the man speak.

ChrisW2416d ago

Anyone have the means to make EA's stocks tumble?

dragonknight42416d ago

+1 to you sir for the funny, but true pic.

grahf2416d ago

+ Bubble to you, Morganfell

This game has been delegated to the "Pick up used" pile.
Better yet, hopefully I can borrow it from someone who bought it used.

da_2pacalypse2415d ago

Bioware might be cashing in now... but I certainly won't be looking at any other Bioware games for a very very long time.

aCasualGamer2415d ago

EA bought Bioware... Bioware turned into a moneysucking gaming studio. Do you see the irony?


Kudos for enlightening us of something already that obvious. It is never a good sign when DLC is released the same day as the original game. Gamers have a right to be suspicious when that's the case.

I think Rockstar did it perfectly with Red Dead Redemption. They created DLC pack that actually made a difference in the core game and released Undead Nightmare five months after release of the core game. They also had these extra multiplayer characters and co-op missions, but they released that for free.

EA=gimmi...gimmi...gimmii mooore!! $_$

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NovusTerminus2416d ago

I am not as against EA, since Amular, Dead Space and MoH did not have this.

This is Bioware's work, and ME3 is likely to be the last Bioware game I get. Since they ignore freedom of choice and ret-conned(sp?) My ME2 choice.

Kran2416d ago

Yeah but then sometimes it tends to be the publisher who tells their developers what to do.

Bare in mind, Bioware is owned by EA, so both are at fault essentially.

2416d ago
gamingdroid2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Too bad, ME is soo damn good they got me hooked! I got the Collector's Edition so From Ashes was included....

It sucks that you have to buy a bunch of weapons, armors and characters to play a game. At least it is a free exchange i.e. you know what you are paying for up front, unlike expiring Online Pass codes. Another EA invention!

I'm not familiar with Bioware technology, but maybe just maybe the character needs to have a placeholder in the game in order to be included? It doesn't seem the mission itself is embedded in the original game....

JaredH2416d ago

I agreed with you yesterday and all I'm going to say is that everyone who hasn't finished the game yet and loves it please finish it and see the destination of the awesome journey 5 years in the making. Then see if you feel the same.

krazykombatant2416d ago

I want those idiots that said that the game was made post production come to me and admit they were WRONG!!!! It was a total SCAM this just assured me that I'm going to buy this game USED!!!! FUUUU EA/BIOWARE!! Bioware is a dirty whore who loves the money

SaffronCurse2416d ago

No matter the game, i will refuse to buy day 1 dlc..i will never support this kind of practice.

NewZealander2416d ago

i played this mission last night, and it was freakin awesome, how they could cut such a major story line from the game is beyond me, anyone who didnt get the collectors edition is missing out.

and to those who constantly talk about the ending SHHHHH some of us dont finish our games overnight!

STONEY42416d ago

Not defending Bioware here, but the only thing you can access with this is the DLC character himself. Not the actual DLC mission. So the DLC isn't on the disc, just the character. I'm not entirely sure if his dialogue files are on disc either.

JaredH2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Here's the actual statement a Bioware employee just posted on their forums regarding this.

EDIT - more detailed version

StanSmith2416d ago

They spent time polishing the game? Not on PS3 they didn't!

Bioware are taking the piss!

donator2416d ago

How does one trust Bioware now after this mess? Not to mention the crap ME3 ending and the debacles of Dragon Age 2. I per-ordered DA2 thinking it would be of the same caliber of the first game. Boy was I mistaken. When DA3 is out, I'll wait to see if the internet blows up again before buying it. Bioware has lost my trust.

ChrisW2415d ago

BTW, you know they will fix this in the next update. Enjoy it while you can!

MrMister2415d ago

The timing of this discovery is just perfect! EA just recently announced that the DLC is not on the disc, and YET, here we are. The hackers proved that it is in fact on the disc after all. EA just got busted. Now I'm definitely boycotting this game and getting it used so EA doesn't get a dime. F**K you EA!

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denero12416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

This is more of a proof article the other's before where just claims whereas this article actually shows you the method and where the character is located on the disc

Why didn't EA/Bioware handle this differently they would have came off better just telling the truth the game still would have sold.

Also i watched the video besides the mission he come's with all the dialogue intact so it's like you missed nothing

NYC_Gamer2416d ago

People were so gullible to believe Bioware and their PR bull shit

sjaakiejj2416d ago

Great that you can unlock him as a squad member, but does it come with the mission? I'm guessing that's what you're actually paying for..

NYC_Gamer2416d ago

Wouldn't doubt since EA also charged gamers to unlock cars that were already on the Need For Speed disc

kamruk2416d ago

My guess is that a squadmember is simply easier accessed in code than traces of the mission... nonetheless i dont believe that they would leave the entirety of the content on the disc, having the squadmember in the final version simply shows that the mission was ready or at least planned, before the game went gold. In my opinion that's what bothers me about dlcs, if the content was created after the release, ok sell it, give it out for free, whatever, BUT if the content was created in conjunction with the actual game, it's simply taking the idea of charging for dlc too far.

sjaakiejj2416d ago

The game goes gold weeks before it actually releases, which is why first-day patches are rather common. The DLC was clearly planned before the game went gold, though it was planned as DLC exclusive for those who bought the collectors edition. You can say that it bothers you that the content was created, but in the end it wasn't even meant for the normal players, but only as a nice 'thank you' gift for buying the CE.

The reason the missions aren't on the disk is because they weren't finished, and they were always meant as DLC. Creating a character doesn't take more than a week, but creating, testing and voicing a mission takes much longer.

marioPSUC2416d ago

This whole bioware shit going on is a PR nightmare, people from Bioware talking crap to their consumers, flat out lying about DLC. It's going to be hard for people to like Bioware again, though the way the people from Bioware are acting it's as if they don't care about the consumers anywho.