Ono says Namco is “way behind schedule” on Tekken X Street Fighter, jokes about 2018 release date

Capcom's Ono says Namco Bandai hasn't made a single document for Tekken X Street Fighter yet, jokes about how it "might be 2018 before the game comes out for all we know", and more.

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Yi-Long2411d ago

... instead of Capcom who keeps releasing a semi-finished game, only to nickel-and-dime their loyal customers with further DLC-milking afterwards...!?

MrMister2411d ago

What would wanting to complete the game PROPERLY have to do with the fact that those lazy bums at namco haven't started yet? They need to get cracking, this gen of game consoles isn't getting any younger!

Kalowest2411d ago

I saw somewhere it was planned for a 2013 release;
And they're very busy making the Tales Of games too.

Furesis2411d ago

uum they are currently making the console version of TTT2 after that they'll start working on the game 100%
so be patient

Gran Touring2411d ago

Thank you furesis I don't know how people don't remember they're still working on ttt2

soundslike2411d ago

Even if they were...they would need a design document before doing anything else.

my money is on this project being canceled.

goosepoose2411d ago

i dont know hey, i dont think i care much for this game in the first place.if it gets cancelled i would be like damn that awful and change the channel.

And people who believe this game wont be a slave to dlc (like a different coloured shoe lace, or bobs favourite blue botton dlc) then you are FOOLS. namco is no better than capcom.

If this game does come out, i hope there is almost no content to begin with, almost like a demo (like most modern games, offereing only a few moments of gaming). Then, only then, people will stop buying games. I hope for a character roster consisting of 4 people and the promise of dlc on the first day.

GraveLord2411d ago

Yup. There's all this on-disc DLC for Street Fighter x Tekken. Instead of unlocking stuff as you play the game, Capcom expects you to buy it via DLC.

ThichQuangDuck2411d ago

I am not in full support of Capcom, DLC but it much more difficult to compare a fighting game DLC to a open world game. It is not just impossible to compare it is unnecessary. I will get down voted to oblivion I am sure, but if you are going to down vote me at least reply to what I am about to say.

The DLC on disc for Street Fighter X Tekken as we all know is on disc, leaving everyone to say why that is my disc and I own everything on it. That is completely wrong, you own what they offer to you, if Capcom released a game in which there was just singleplayer on disc accessible and multiplayer dlc. Then you are choosing to buy the single player for its quality. The reason they did on disc dlc makes sense, you just have to look at it from a perspective of a game developer and not a gamer.

Lets break it down further, how many patches does a fighting game take to fix elements and keep it balanced once it is broken, quite a few you are right, well those patches on xbl on quite expensive they are not free. You also as Witcher 2 demonstrated cannot release an game than have free dlc so that was out of the question. But for everyone to be able to play online they at least need a basic model of what they would be fighting on either downloaded to their console or on disc. Last time having to download something with street fighter iv was a pain to see others dlc.

Most of the people so angry about this do not play fighting games or will not be playing it by the fall. They have already said this is the only disc version of the game and for that exact reason.

I bought street fighter x Tekken for what they offered, which is a damn good package and fighting game that is fully worth the 60$. Lastly to those of you saying last generation we had a unlock able characters and items in the game, they make everything unlocked for tournament play if you want them to lock everything than only choose select characters and the beginning and pretend you are slowly unlocking all the characters.

Kyosuke_Sanada2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

So you want us to be excited for paying the same characters twice and to delude ourselves by pretending we are slowly unlocking characters?

Balancing a fighting game isn't a privilege, it's a must in this new internet age! How many people would play a fighting game knowing that one character is way overpowered compared to the rest. In a month, the fans of the games would be reduced to the ebbing few who enjoy fighting without diversity.

And for the sake of saying that, people who complain are the ones who won't being playing this game until fall, I still play SF 3: Third Strike after all these years because it's not only a great game but a complete package. If they tried this crud back in the day, I wouldn't have even given this game a chance and frankly it wouldn't be a tough call because of common sense......

I don't swear on N4G so all I can say to your response is WHAT THE FISH PASTE!?.....

ThichQuangDuck2411d ago

I am sorry, but I think you very much so miss my point. How do you define a complete package ? Do you put the game on some sort of scale and it says complete or not. There is no way for you to know if they had unplanned characters that did not make it to street fighter 3 is there? These characters would not have been made if they were not going to make DLC thus would not exist. So you cannot say a complete package if you have not even played the characters accessible on disc so how do you know if they are complete. I am sorry this logic loses me. Let's say these are all hypothetical people check the disc of Half-Life 2, Halo 2, Shadow of colossus and they find dlc or extra unused content on disc. Those are still complete games because they were and still are complete experiences correct. I do not understand your logic it needs more explanation.

Kyosuke_Sanada2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

What I am trying to say if I pay for a disc, I pay for everything on that disc. It's like I mentioned before in an earlier post, buying a house with one bedroom but you see two other locked bedrooms in it. You know how asinine that sounds telling people that I paid for the two bedrooms 6 months later or even saying that I bought a house with sections of it locked away from me.

Capcom should have done that smart thing and never put them on a disc but release them 6 months later in a reasonably priced expansion. So what if I have to wait for a download, I already waited a year or two for the game to be released.

pain777pas2410d ago

You all are right in one way or another but I would love to see them make a 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 4 on 4, 1 on 2 game like tag. This way we can see the matchups mono vs mono. Kazuya vs Ryu or Nina or Lili vs Chun li. After playing both series extensively I have concluded controversially that Tekken is the better overall fighting game. Tekken like VF takes time... a lot of time to master but the depth is immense. I grew up on SF so it has my heart but objectively I cannot deny the brilliance, simplicity and complexity of Tekken and VF for that matter. Also underneath the boob physics which I love DOA is a good series aswell. SF will always have my heart though. Remember the first time you heard shoryuken and hadoken... the memories.

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boogeyman9992411d ago

Green Thunder you know NB has a lot of mini studios that work on different projects right?

Furesis2411d ago

do you people understand that namco is a big company it's not like they are all working on a one game at a time please people think a little before you post

Megaman_nerd2411d ago

they have different teams and each team work on only 1 game at a time. And these teams are composed of hundreds of people you know.

Thepcz2411d ago

Capcom released street fighter x tekken, so now namco will make tekken x street fighter? why?

why didn't the two studios just collaborate? Maybe then a finished product could have been put out

Plagasx2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Well, Tekken X Street Fighter runs on the Tekken engine and Street Fighter X Tekken ran on the Street Fighter 4 engine..

I think T X SF will be closer to Tekken..

Lyr1c2411d ago

Because the two have very, very different styles. Tekken x SF will be nothing like SF x Tekken. Aesthetics, mechanics, everything will be completely different.

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