GTX 580 gets substantial price cut

With Kepler just a few weeks away, Nvidia partners are cutting GTX 580 prices to clear inventory, or to make the ageing cards a bit more competitive against AMD’s 28nm Radeons.

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NYC_Gamer2438d ago

People looking for a nice high end gpu should jump on this

Sarcasmology2438d ago

That would probably just break it. I'd recommend replacing your current graphic's card with it.

SilentNegotiator2438d ago

Not that you could jump on it very well if you wanted to. It still costs a hand and a leg.

gamingdroid2438d ago

Yeah, these cards cost more than what I plan on spending on games this entire year.

RumbleFish2437d ago

time to get my second 580! framerate up! Metro: last light I embrace you!

Kurylo3d2437d ago


what.... 150 fps wasnt enough for you .. going to need to have 300 ? lol

sikbeta2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

WOW! you can put 2 of those things in the same motherboard? @[email protected] last time I tried to put my s*** old nvidia gt-something-00 it was a pain because the thing is like half the size of the MB in my PC alone, wtf!?

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SantistaUSA2438d ago

I'm glad that the price is finally coming down. I got an EVGA GTX 570 back in november of 2010 for U$360 and I love it, I'm using with an i7 960 and 12GB of DDR3, I game at 1080p (55" LED) and it runs everything at max without a problem! So I have no need in upgrading for a while, who ever gets the GTX 580 will be happy for a long time!

Red_eyes_Gremlin2438d ago

I have the same rig almost :D

1x over clocked i5.760 @ 3.8
1x Watercooler
1x SSD 1tb Hd
1x 2tbhd
1x GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX CUDA
12gb ram
750 psu

Play everything maxed out on @ 1080p on a "28 Led"

kaveti66162438d ago

I have a Gtx 570 with 1280 gigs of VRAM and I have question. If I want to run Skyrim with the HD texture pack from the modding community, can I do that with just 1 gig of VRAM, because I heard the textures are 2k?

I feel really bad for sticking with the 1 gig version of the card instead of getting the 2 gig one.

SantistaUSA2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

@kaveti6616 I guess it will depend on the resolution that you are playing on. I've tried the game without the HD texture pack, so I can't tell how impacts the performance.

kaveti66162438d ago

I have a 1920 by 1080 monitor so I know that in most cases a single gig will do, but I heard Skyrim's HD texture pack will have 2k textures and wonder if this will demand more than a gig. Of course, I do have 1.28 gigs to work with.

I also heard that in BF3, the game will utilize system RAM to render, but that drops the frame rate considerably.

Ghoul2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )


2k textures is the resolution of the texture not the vram consumption
We have had 2 k textures for years now

Nvidia can process up to 4096x4096
Ati can process up to 2048x2048

Almost evry texture is then compressed to even further reduce the vram footprint

An uncompressed texture goes as the following

256x256 = 0.25MB (192k no alpha)
512x512 = 1MB (0.75MB no alpha)
1024x1024 = 4MB (3MB no alpha)
2048x2048 = 16MB (12MB no alpha)
4096x4096 = 64MB (48MB no alpha)

Compression algorithms can reduce those numbers by a factor of 4 or more
I could go on and on but vram size on your gpu doesnt determin the texture resolution you can display

Always keep in mind that textures have a mipmap version to and higher res version get loaded nce you get closer to them

I could go on and on but that would take some pages ;)

2k textures are mostly idiotic since you can produce sharp textures much more elegant with several tricks and composite materials in staed of simplycranking up the texture size and using up vram for nothing

Just remember your screen is most likely around 1920x1080
to see the textures benefit you must have ne textures fullscreen and even then you cantsee the complete 1to1 texture size

Ne last thing
No you dont need every texture in the vram only whats displayed on screen and even then you reload texurs from the system ram when needed

steve30x2438d ago

@ kaveti6616 : You have 1280 gigabytes on your GPU? Holy shit you have an extremely rare GPU. You could sell that for a huge fortune.

Denethor_II2438d ago

You cant be running any AA then. I'm using a GTX 580 and with a i5 2500k and can run BF3, for example, at [email protected] on ultra. But I still have to turn AA off. For me I'd rather have 60 frames then slightly smoother edges.

steve30x2437d ago

I dont know why I got disagreed with. Read what the guy said himself. He said he has a 1280 gig GTX 570.

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TooTall192438d ago

I've been looking into building or buying a PC. I would probably go with something like this.

SSultan2438d ago

@TooTall19, Just keep in mind that by the time all the parts will arrive at your door, your rig will be outdated. Unfortunately, that's the way it is.

superrey192437d ago

No they wont. Go troll somewhere else please.

RumbleFish2437d ago

Depending on the resolution you want to display you will have a lot of fun with one of those cards for some time.

Not every game in the next 2 years will be BF 3 like gfx. So no need to worry as long as 1080p is enough for you.

JsonHenry2438d ago

Awesome. But I am gonna get the Kepler card. I think we are supposed to have a flood of kepler news tomorrow. Not sure if the NDA is gonna lifted tomorrow or if Nvidia is just doing a PR event about it.

Orpheus2438d ago

Yea you will get special benefit in Physx ... though may be only Metro LL will use it extensively, I guess it will be the game which will make they buy worth it.

JsonHenry2438d ago

I want it to play BF3, in 3D, at max settings. Not to mention Crysis 2 in 3D, with DX11+High rez textures at max settings. Then don't get me started on games like the new ARMA that are coming soon.

josephayal2438d ago

Good news for SONY and the Next Playstation Super HI DEF 1080Px 3 Console

LightofDarkness2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Wow, you've been trying really hard with the trolling lately, seems you have a comment in almost every article possible, and yet no one bites. It must be so sad to fail at something so easy no matter how hard you try. I mean, it's literally the easiest thing to do on the Internet, and you can't do it.

ABizzel12438d ago

It's possible it could happen, but not likely.

As consumers we constantly forget that companies buying in bulk pay anywhere from 30% - 70% less than us (usually 33% - 50%). Each console manufacturer plans on buying at least 50 million GPU's so they're probably Nvidia's and AMD's single largest consumer, and they want to keep that business.

But spending $250 (350 - 33% + taxes) alone on the GPU means another $500 - $600 PS4, which is not going to happen. But that's the price if it came out today. I don't expect to see a PS4 until holiday 2013 at the earliest, and in a years time there will be another price drop on 580's.

Also consoles generally get an optimized version of an existing GPU to better fit their needs, so that could drop the price a bit as well.

He may have been trolling, but it's possible. Unless the rumors of Sony going unified AMD is true.

gamingdroid2438d ago


MS seemed to have pioneered a new business model. They contract out the design to companies like ATI and own the design. They then contract out the manufacturing to two or three vendor which competes with each other. TSMC is one of them and I forget who the other one was.

In short, Nvidia squeezed the living sh!t out of MS for the GPU price and was one of the main reasons why the original Xbox was discontinued. It wouldn't surprise me if Sony went ATI next generation as I'm sure they are being price squeezed too.

That said, even self manufactured 70% less cost is excessive... out of curiosity do you have a source to back that up?

awi59512438d ago


The funny thing is nividia was disappointed that microsoft didnt pick them this gen lol lol. NO sh)&)(&*( they didnt pick you because you ripped them off all last gen. Nividia made microsoft charge like 150 for each gpu sold in the xbox and wouldnt let them drop the price for it. So even though the rest of the parts got cheaper nividia made them keep paying the same price for outdated tech. Thats why the xbox could never compete on price with the ps2 and thats why microsoft killed it off.

ABizzel12437d ago


I have personal experience. My first job was at retail and our stores purchased all items from 30% - 70% off the price we sold them for (most of the time 30% - 50%) generally jewelry is way overpriced and sold at 50% - 70% mark up.

I also worked with contractor's when I worked in Media Services at a hospital and we had to purchase equipment from things like television installation for hundreds of rooms for multiple hospitals as well as equipment for recording surgeries, events, conferences, etc... And we generally received a 30% off discount from normal retail due to buying in bulk versus 1 or 2 items.

gamingdroid2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


Certain products have a very high margin, including water, make-up, jewelry, brand name clothing and etc. It is not uncommon for a retailer to have a 40% mark up, to cover ongoing business operations.

However, most consumer electronics (if not all) have closer to 10-20% markup at retail with some exceptions.

Also, if you buy products intended for commercial use (instead of consumers), the markup tend to much higher just because they can.

Ever wondered why a fancy commercial LCD panel still cost thousands, while a consumer one cost $500!?

Computer chips are heavily commoditized except for high end chips, but even that can be if you contract out the manufacturing. Chips are sold at bulk in general, so the margins are already thin and companies earn by volume.

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Plagasx2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

When do the price cuts take place in the US? it does seem to be in effect yet...


I'm about to put a second GTX 580 in my PC.

SantistaUSA2438d ago

Nowadays that's overkill, we need more demanding games, I can't justify a sli setup as I can play everything at 1080p.

But if I had plenty of cash I wouldnt even think twice :)

JAMurida2438d ago

I have to second that...

I've been done a lot of research in building gaming PCs, (since I'm about to do so soon), and I see A LOT of people who Crossfire/SLI. But it seems most of these games run just fine maxed out with just one very good card. Yet you still see people with rigs that make it seem as if they're running Crysis 2, Skyrim and BF3, max settings at the same time on the same rig. I understand wanting to be future proof and all, but damn...

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