More proof that Donkey Kong Country 3D is coming

Retailers have started to leak information concerning a 3DS Donkey Kong title, including boxart.

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Vinc3602438d ago

I think there's a good chance this is real now with the boxart and all the proof we have

Ilovetheps42437d ago

The boxart is from Donkey Kong Jungle Climber. It's a game that was on the DS. They just put 3DS on there.

Vinc3602438d ago

You bet! I can't wait for more Donkey Kong Country!

ozstar2438d ago

May release? ridiculous

2EHO2438d ago

You guys have to remember it would be easy for them to port the DKCR engine onto the 3ds then just make the game.

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from the beach2437d ago

Yeah, I think this will be my tipping point for a 3DS purchase.

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The story is too old to be commented.