Android Game Review: Scramble with Friends

If you are looking for a new fun game to play against your friends then I would suggest Scramble with Friends. Of course there are other games that you can pass between your friends like Words with Friends, and Hanging with Friends and those where starting to get old and repetitive so I am glad they are continually developing new games to peak my interest and so I can keep showing my friends how much smarter I am than them.

In Scramble with Friends you get a basic scramble board that has many word combinations hidden it an you have 2 minutes to find any combination to make the most points possible. You can connect any letters that touch no matter what direction they are in. The other player also gets to play the same board and you get to see who can pull out the most word combinations. There are 3 different rounds, and the overall points leader at the end of 3 rounds is the winner of the game. This game is also available for the Iphone.

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