Far Cry 2 boxart revealed

From "We've had a lot of boxart-related news recently and we'll have even more in a short while (stay tuned for some Fallout 3 and Fable 2). But this one's special: it's for the very first time that the Far Cry 2 boxart is exposed."

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led10904035d ago

sometimes less is more!!

sweet is all i can say

mighty_douche4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

This game Smokes Crysis! Can someone please direct me to the recommended specs if you know because i cant find any!

TheIneffableBob4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

No system requirements have yet been released, but I expect them to be high. I'd guess the absolute minimum would be a 7600GT and recommended would be >8600GTS/7900GT

aco4035d ago

I don't get it ... I love it if this game come to Consols tooo.. Can't a consol like PS3 or Xbox360 handle this game?..

socomnick4035d ago

Im sure consoles can handle it to a certain extent Im almost sure they cant handle them in their full glory.

Impact4035d ago

maybe ps3, xbox360 possibly but less likely. it's a funny thing considering this game is developed for the oc from the ground up it would be easier to port it over to the xbox360 and make a bit more money off of it. but the ps3 hardware would be far better suited for such a thing. i see a lot of pc developers porting their games over to xbox for the money there is to be made. sony needs to do something to combat this. i honestly feel that is the single big thing that is helping the xbox 360 is all the pc ports it's getting

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