An Industry-Exclusive Look Into Next-Gen Systems- Wii U, Sony, and Microsoft

Nintendo Enthusiast:

"Nintendo Enthusiast was granted a peak into the world of next-gen software after a conversation with an industry insider. We share what we came out with from the conversation…"

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sknygy2412d ago

That was a good read, its sounds as if Nintendo are being very pro-active with regards to working with third-parties, which can only be a good thing

Bereaver2412d ago

Curious to why you only submit and comment on Nintendo Enthusiast articles.

I mean, I find that shills usually comment with the first words "that was a good read".

So excuse me if I'm wrong that you're just trying to get hits.

PopRocks3592412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Or maybe he likes Nintendo and thought this article was a "good read."

Just saying.

Menashe2412d ago

I just want to see one exclusive game running on the Wii U already.

Also, it sounds like the 360 will be trying to compete with Nintendo. It seems Sony is less worried about Nintendo, and Microsoft feels they can coexist with Sony. But they don't think they can coexist with Sony and Nintendo. Something has to give. So, they want to beat Sony getting out of the gate and hope it will be Nintendo and Microsoft with Sony out of the picture for being too late.

The question, though, is will the PS3 continue picking up steam? It seems Sony even planned for this by releasing with the strongest hardware. They are in this for the long run.

Bereaver2412d ago

I guess I should ask you the same question too.

Menashe2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Ask me what? If you've read the article then you will know that I wrote it. So, yes, I did submit it and I am trying to get it noticed. What's your point?

Ness-Psi2412d ago

seeing what david cage and his team at quantic dream are doing looks like the PS3 still has the legs to stay in competition for the next couple of years at least.

but yeah i still would like to see some actual game footage for the wii u from the final dev kit at least. (it's getting unbearable)

CaptainN2412d ago

Did you not see the Ubisoft conference last year running Killer Freaks, which is exclusive to Wii-U as well as Ghost Recon Online which is only for PC and Wii-U ???

2EHO2412d ago

That footage was made in couple weeks on the under locked dev kits. Not even to close to what the system is capable of on a graphics level.

Ck1x2411d ago

Which is the most interesting thing because those games looked really sharp and that's on early dev kits. So imagine what is gonna be shown on the final hardware at e3...