The Rules of Echochrome

Ripten writes:

"Echochrome, the elegant black and white puzzle game coming to the Playstation 3 next year, has five simple rules to advance through each stage. We can reveal them for the first time here at"

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Barreldragon004041d ago

This is my most anticipated PSN game love puzzles and this look like it will be hard as hell.

LinuxGuru4041d ago

Very intriguing .... yes, indeed.

techie4041d ago

Can't wait...looks like it'll be tough. I wonder how much AA it will have...must be hard to avoid jaggies with so many black straight lines on a white background. Wonder if they can achieve more than 4xAA since there isn't much else going on... Is that possible?

LinuxGuru4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

You bet your life it's possible.

You know the Cell can assist the RSX beyond what the RSX is capable of itself, right?

Cool beans, eh?


What, you don't think one or two of the 3.2 GHz SPUs can give 6x or 8x AA?

techie4041d ago

yes I know that...but 6xAA or 8xAA...I'm not so sure.

techie4040d ago

Well that was why I was asking. :) I'm aware that alone the RSX might not be able to do AA and HDR combined...but there have been many games with both. But whether the AA could go up to 6x or 8x I am unaware.

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