Sony brings free PS3 with HDTV purchase offer to the US

GamerBlorge, December 29, 2007 - Jonathan Schlaffer:

Sony had been offering this only to the good citizens of Australia but now it seems the company has seen, at least, half a light and is offering the same thing to residents of the States. Of course, there are a few more restrictions on the offer... US residents must jump through a few more hoops.

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jack who4581d ago

just got one 40" but not with the sonycard

TANOD4581d ago

and repurchase the TV to get the PS3

rofldings4581d ago

He'll probably get raped with a restocking fee :/

DaEnforcer4581d ago

Damn you Sony, bring such offers also to Europe

Bunnyslippers4581d ago

2 weeks ago I bought a Sony Bravia with a coupon for a free PS3. I already sent the coupon. And I live in the Netherlands (EU)

jorellpogi4581d ago

Yup, a great deal indeed. It's prime time to get a spanking new Sony HDTV.

MUNKYPOO4581d ago

there are a lot of great deals now.

Bnet3434581d ago

I want the free PS3, but I'm happy with my Samsung HDTV. :)

Mikey_Gee4581d ago

My 61" Sammy is going nowhere soon

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The story is too old to be commented.