Best and worst videogame movies

Everybody knows that videogames based on movies are, on the whole, bloody awful, but does the curse also hold true for movies based on videogames?

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richierich2438d ago

Silent Hill was the best videogame movie IMO

-Mika-2438d ago

I have no idea why you have 3 disagrees.

killerhog2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

because that list of the "best" was a joke. tekken blood vengeance was a POS. silent hill, when i saw it, was a comedy to me.

btw: i would choose the live action tekken movie (or even the anime) over that execrable POS blood vengeance.

My list would be (in no order):

king of fighters movie
Mortal Kombat annihilation
Tekken Blood vengeance
Legend of Chun-li
Silent Hill
Dead or Alive
Dragon Ball

The best:
Tekken (2010)
Street fighter (1995)
Mortal Kombat

Side Note: i actually enjoyed the Mario Movie. im also planning on watching the double dragon movie soon.

StraightPath2438d ago

they actually put final fantasy spirits within as a best? are you kidding me. fail article. FF Advent Children was good.

Relientk772438d ago

I love how Mortal Kombat is on the best and the worst lol

My fav vid game movies are the 2 Tomb Raider movies

Pozzle2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I loved the Mortal Kombat movie, despite it's lack of trademark gore. But still, it's a pretty good movie and one of the best game-to-movie adaptations imo.

It's a damn shame how awful the sequel was though. Words can't even describe how disappointed I was when I saw it for the very first time. It's been 15 years since it's release and I'm still bitter about it. :(

LightofDarkness2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Seriously, no Street Fighter 2? That anime was fantastic, easily better than Final Fantasy.

Plus, the Hitman movie was better than the Tomb Raider movies.

Noticeably_FAT2438d ago

The Chun-Li Street Fighter movie was awful, cant believe I sat through that crap...

The first Mortal Kombat movie was actually very good, great memories of that one.

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