The Best Games You've Never Played

Halo, Half-Life, BioShock - all great games to be sure, but they've all been covered to death. Now it's time to look at the underdogs and devote some time to the games that managed to slip through the cracks but which remain worth a look.

Some of them you may have dabbled with or looked at, others you'll have disregarded entirely as you scanned the shelves at your local GameStation or international variant. Either way, here it is;'s list of underappreciated classics and bargain bin treasures. If you've got any cash left over after your Christmas shopping spree or if you just refuse to buy into all that BioShock hype then you could do a lot worse than to pick some of these up.

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Skerj4036d ago

Bloodlines is dope as hell, excellent story and great atmosphere. Creepy as all living hell in some areas. I still love Beyond Good and Evil and hope that since Ubi has gotten such success with Assassin's Creed, they have enough money to continue BG&E. Had Neverhood back in the day, awesome game as well. Outcast, omfg I forgot about that game, my PC couldn't run it back then so now I have to track it down.

LJWooly4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Agreed, Beyond Good & Evil was a hell of a game, hard to believe that hardly anyone's played it.
Why didn't it sell that well, though? Almost everyone who reviewed it sais it was good, but no one bought it. Well, whoever didn't play it missed out, 'cos it was great.

Oh yeah, and Outcast was fantastic, you should definitely track it down.

Skerj4036d ago

I don't know, sometimes critical acclaim isn't enough to get people to get out and pick up a game. I remember seeing a lot of commercials for it as well. I guess it just didn't appeal to the masses due to the lack of testosterone or silicon at the time.

N4GayFanturds4036d ago

Deus Ex: The Invisible Wars was fantasticlly good!

MK_Red4036d ago

Deus Ex 2 was a good game but the reason it's not considered a classic and doesn't have many fans is because how poorly it ends up when compared to the uber great original Deus Ex which is simply a timeless classic.

JCDenton4036d ago

Deus Ex Invisible War was very good game, but like MK_Red said, it was not-worthy sequel of a GREAT game and which is probably one of the best video games of all time.

Back to the subject:

"Outcast" was excellent game! I remember playing it 7-8 years.

"The Neverhood" was one of the best and funniest adventure/puzzle game I've ever played. I'll never forget that idiotically funny music when I was solving one of the first puzzles (letter "H" puzzle for those who played it ;) )

"Onescapee" was great a-la "Another World" game (Amiga port), but it wasn't mentioned here....

etc... So many games, so little time (and space) :)

ElfShotTheFood4036d ago

There are some good choices there, but personally I couldn't stand BG&E.


Nicosia4036d ago

Outcast – 1999 - Man i remeber that game, i was like WTF!!!01001001 so freaking beautiful. Also loved the blooper reel. Didn't finish it though..must be laying around here.

SpaceCowgirl4036d ago

Planescape: Torment
I have always wanted to play this game but I can never seem to find it at any of the stores I go to, very aggravating. The idea of anything even remotely similar to fallout was very appealing to me.

Beyond Good and Evil
VEry cool game, but the ending has made me angry and spiteful with this game which I will continue to be until ubisoft fixes this.


Well I did have a lot of fun with this game, until it glitched out and I could not progress further in the story, which made me very angry. Maybe now that it has better patches and stuff I will try playing it again, but still to release such a shoddy effort and just let the fans fix it is very disappointing to me.

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