GameSpot's Most Disappointing Game Of 2007 Is Not Kane And Lynch

CB Games writes:

"Again, though GameSpot has not confirmed whether the publisher's (Eidos) influence was somehow a factor in Gerstmann's firing, I imagine that many people, including myself, were hoping in the back of their minds that somehow, GameSpot might vindicate themselves by awarding the dubious honor to Kane & Lynch. Instead, the title ultimately went to Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08, a game that garnered only 3% of the "Most Disappointing" vote from GameSpot's readers...And even if none of this is true, even if Gerstmann's firing had nothing to do with Kane & Lynch or Eidos whatsoever, it looks like GameSpot still has a ways to go to quell these rumors and convince its fans otherwise."

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Hitman_Legend4572d ago

I never even had high hopes for the game, it always looked average to me and I never thought it was anything special, I think the only reason we hear about it so much is because of Jeff Gerstmanns firing, if anyone told me they were so excited for Kane and Lynch I'd be a hella suprised...

Texas GMR4572d ago

Hope someone doesn't get fired for writing this article. LOL

Noodlecup4572d ago

Co-op kane and lynch is actually quite a good few hours of gameplay, I wouldnt want to play it alone but it's a challenge, people who complained about the aiming system just sucked really bad. Guns have recoil like in the hitman games, this isn't halo for christs sake where spraying at a target 2 miles away can still get kills.

montavious4572d ago

Its already gone to the point that I don't trust those sellouts anymore, but picking a game you know full well wasn't the worst is unexcusable. Anyone who's played any TW games will say this years may be the best in the series. BIASED BIASED BIASED

Guwapo774572d ago

They picked Tiger Woods 08 as their dubious winner? LoL This game only received 3% of the vote lead by Kane & Lynch and then Lair. So how do you pick your least voted for as the winner of this lovely award? ...yeah, prime reason why I nolonger visit that website.

Hades13374572d ago

To my mind Kane & Lynch should be awarded with the most underrated game of 2007. There are some fantastic gameplay elements that have been completely overlooked by many.

The most disappointing game is surely Lair. I mean, this was a game that was supposed to be an AAA title, but in the end it sucked.

InMyOpinion4572d ago

I enjoyed Kane & Lynch a lot.

Bathyj4572d ago

Stupid question I know but can you invert the Y axis? In the PS3 demo I couldn't find where to do it but guess its just the demo. Otherwise thats a gamebreaker for me but other than that I didn't mind it.

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The story is too old to be commented.