The Time Is Now For Episodic Gaming

Episodic gaming offers a distinctly different perspective from what can be found in a more traditional release format, bringing with it unique benefits. OnlySP argues that we should be seeing a rise in the number of games that take this route of delivery for the betterment of gaming as a whole.

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vortis2438d ago

Episodic gaming could work, but then again we all thought the same thing about DLC...I didn't think it was possible but the gaming industry now has me paranoid.

dorron2438d ago

I would never buy episodic games. I want the full experience and that way if a game fails developers could leave a game unfinished.

LawlessSXE2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Well, if a game is bound for failure, would it not be better to leave it unfinished and move on to more profitable projects? Alternately, developers could use the feedback from early episodes to improve later ones, a point brought up in the article.

And as for receiving the full experience, that could always come later via a retail release that compiles all of the episodes into a single linear experience, like BTTF The Game so there would be no missing out.

dorron2438d ago

Think of it this way. You are playing an episodic game you really love, but developers think the game is a failure and move on to new projects leaving the game unfinished? Would you still think it's a fair move?

brish2437d ago


It works both ways.

Imagine buying a game only to find out you hate it. With episodic content you don't pay for the full game you only pay for an episode. At most you would only get burned for one episode instead of the full price of a game.