onAXIS Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Review: 9.3/10

onAXIS writes:

"To conclude my review for this excellent game, I want to say that right after I'm finished writing this, I'm going to play Unreal Tournament III. So if you really want a great title like this, read the scoring below, and go get yourself a copy."

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Bazookajoe_834041d ago

Then it would be a perfect 10 =)I have emailed Mark Rein about this, but i havent got any answere yet..

TANOD4041d ago

UT3 is just super fun

It is way faster than COD4 and has the 2nd best graphics on PS3 after Uncharted

Kleptic4041d ago

I think the 9.3 is pretty close...I like .5 increments for reviews...and I would have given the game a 9.0 (lack of split screen being the biggest complaint)...

with that said though there is not one game this year that I would have given above a 9.0...UT3 easily ranks among the years best imo...and is pretty much the best online experience to date console wise...I really didn't think Warhawk would get topped by this, but UT3 is even crazier...and definitely a better looking game overall...where Warhawk shined was in scale and balance...the scale still has yet to be beaten (UT3 does have anywhere near the size of the maps in Warhawk...nor the players at once)...but UT3 has triple the vehicles, as well as nearly double the weapons (not to mention about 55 unique maps shipped the game), and manages to end up just as balanced as warhawk...the reward of meat grinding dudes with a fan hovering manta is pretty much the most awesome vehicle based kills I have ever done as well...

while the single player is a little lame (almost purposely corny at times)...the skirmish option to create your own quick single player game on any map and game type is cool...and obviously the online is where it shines...

either way...anyone on the fence about this should just go get it...its worth it...takes some getting used to at first, mostly because its so fast (unless you are used to UT games or Quake III)...but after 30 minutes of getting rocket'd in the face over and will be fine...

RudeSole Devil4041d ago

All I can say is wow, This games looks and plays awesome. I have Uncharted (PS3)and Gears of War (360), and Unreal III is the best looking game on any console, and yes I have the PC version both look identical in graphics. I wish the single player campaign mode was better, but thats how Unreal has always been. Now what will the Xbox fan boys say. Unreal III beats any Xbox 360 game in texture quality and game play. Please go play the game first before you replay.

jcgamer4041d ago

I'm on single-player as of now, it's basically a fun way to practice for multiplayer...but if anyone wants my tag once I get into multiplayer, PM me...the gameplay and graphics are awesome :)

TANOD4041d ago

The online is fun BUT HARD

UT3 is way more fun than COD4. plus UT3 has wayy better graphics too.

Oh man the people who play online are just machines/computers not just normal human beings

jcgamer4041d ago

thanks 4 the feedback...feel free to PM me for my would be cool to play some fellow "N4G's" in ut3 multiplayer...sounds like a plan...we should get something many N4G's as possible :)

Barreldragon004041d ago

I'll play you guys too just cant today or tomorrow.

jorellpogi4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

The single player is awesome. This game might finally convince me to play online.

There's a phantom disagreer so I just agreed to all the people above me to negate his action.

jcgamer4041d ago

I agree, the single player is great fun...and yeah there is a phantom disagreer on here bro...

jcgamer4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

needs to be used and flushed for real...ut3 is awesome...

wangdiddy824041d ago

But i cant stop playing COD4.. Someone help me!!! lol.. I just started playing search and destroy like 2 weeks ago and now i play hours on in.. Non stop.. Before that it was death match.. I think im going to play now, lol..

Anyway im getting pretty good at UT3.... If you suck all you need to do is find out where all the good guns spawn at and you will do a lot better. Finding the right gun helps a lot.. I hate that freaking jello gun that shoots out the green blobs..

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