Can We All Please Ignore Roger Ebert From Now On? Thanks.

Let's stop giving a shit what Roger Ebert says about video games, and art, OK?

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Frankfurt2415d ago

He's a pulitzer winner, one of the best writers in any printed and web media, and one of the smartest, most well-spoken men in the world of entertainment. He's smarter than any writer in the videogame media.

And yet, self-entitled kiddies whine about his (solid, well-written, reasonable) opinions.

Newsflash: not everything needs to be art. Deal with it.

Godmars2902415d ago

He also wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

I was confused that people took what he said about games to the degree they did from that alone.

AngryTypingGuy2414d ago

Ebert is a bitter old man who time has passed by. I don't know how anyone can say videogames aren't art. Most modern videogames require artistic design, sound effects, a well-written story, many have a deep plot, and voice-acting (with more and more being done by professional actors, BTW). Game writers/designers try to create an immersive experience, just as movie writers do. There is no debate, videogames ARE art, period.

I've seen some movies that I would call "soul-deadening" too, I think we all have.

Godmars2902414d ago

That people ran with his generally offered comment when it should have been taken as the uneducated opinion of someone who is actually educated and opinionated - in certain areas - is really other people's fault.

I do know, bringing up the big argument of the day, is that if games were art then ME3 would more than it is, an interactive visual novelization of a sci-fi story, rather than a copy of sci-fi movie.

Ares84HU2414d ago

Just like crXss said, I have no idea who this guy is. This is the first time I heard about him. But honestly, I do not care what he is saying about video games. I don't care what anyone sais about vide games to be honest.

pixelsword2414d ago

Ebert was correct, most games aren't art, but a very few pieces are. Most movies are art, but a very few aren't.

Saladfax2414d ago

Like most critics, (including those from video games: Yahtzee, Sterling, Bob Chipman) Ebert is just very heavily opinionated. Yes, he's had his ups and downs in his career, and yes he can be considered to possess a thoughtful and analytical mind.

However, he can provide no more insight to interactive media than he can effectively comment on parallel lyric structure in rap music.

It doesn't have to do with age or bitterness. Well, maybe age, but mostly just a perceived sense of superiority for a medium he's spent his entire life with.

Imagine if Wagner was alive today. Aside from his intense anti-semitism, he'd be bitching that nothing besides opera could be considered art.

sikbeta2413d ago

Gamers need to stop thinking VGames = Movies, the gaming industry could be 100k times bigger than the Film industry, but it could never reach the status of Films and never be considered a form of art

Games follow the money, for films it's the same, but at least you can see loads of different types of genres in films these days aside from the big movies, in gaming, from the NES to PS1 days was all about platforming, last gen reached the peak with s***loads of genres to choose, but sandbox, arcade racing, sims and sports dominated, this gen is all about shooters, when shooters lose its appeal, something will replace it again and cycle will go on

The same happens to movies all the time, an example are the movies based on comic-heroes, but that didn't stop other kind of movies reach success, CGI movies are there as well, but that didn't kill other movie genres, action, drama, sci-fi, you name it, are all there and are not replaced completely like the video game industry replace their franchises for the hot thing of the moment

Objective2413d ago

Gaming is entertainment, not art. There is no need for games to be an art form, and there is no need for the industry to aspire in that direction.

AngryTypingGuy2413d ago

Gaming is entertainment AND art. As are movies and music.

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coolbeans2414d ago

Well said, Frankfurt. We all have opinions on what can be defined as "art", and Ebert's claim was actually supported by a well-framed argument. You might say "He's a ****ing film critic!", but that doesn't mean he's unaware of the average release.

longcat2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

he knows about movies. he knows NOTHING about games.

CarlitoBrigante2414d ago

No one cares what you have to say Frankfurt, thats why you're a 1 bubble troll. I had never heard of this guy before, who cares if he won some prizes? People like us gamers dont give a rats azz about his opinions.

I'm sure Sakaguchi, Kojima or other industry leading game developpers have written better stories then this random guy.

Objective2413d ago

Wearing your medal of ignorance proudly eh?

MySwordIsHeavenly2414d ago

He may write about movies, but that doesn't mean he should be respected for writing about them.

He said that Home Alone 3 was the best Home Alone movie. Period.

HOW can you respect a human being who says that?

Pulitzer prize or not, he's a joke. He always has been.

Ducky2414d ago

You're picking one comment from him and using it to discredit him entirely.

Einstein made some pretty foolish remarks about Quantum Mechanics, yet are you going to use that to negate all of his comments on Physics?

As Frankfurt said, the man has credentials, and he certainly should be respected for the field he is in. Him having an opinion on movies that you don't agree with doesn't suddenly make him a 'joke'.

His opinions on games, on the other hand, don't deserve much attention because gaming isn't his field.

MySwordIsHeavenly2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Credentials? What credentials? I would LOVE to see credentials that show me I should respect his opinion on films.

What makes him a joke is that nobody who enjoys films or even considers themselves a film enthusiast respects his opinion. They haven't for years; at least not since Siskel died.

Or would you like me to bring up his review of The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull?

SilentNegotiator2414d ago

"Credentials"? lol. He wrote some bad movies and critiqued others. He has almost no business critiquing movies, let alone games.

MySwordIsHeavenly2414d ago

Thank you, SilentNegotiator! That's what I try to tell people all the time.

mynameisEvil2413d ago

Yeah, let's face it. Siskel is the one we cared about. I haven't ever given a single piece of fur on a rat's ass about Ebert and I'm sure a decent amount of others haven't either. He can't make movies, he can't critique movies, and he CERTAINLY can't critique games. This man still thinks Mario and TMNT (NES days, of course) when he thinks of video games.

Seriously. He just blows.

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Bakkies2414d ago

Clicking the agree button wasn't enough, so I would like to say that I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Funny that every 14 year old seems to be an expert in art these days. Anybody who fashions in interest in art, go to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and research the topic for a year or two.

jthamind2414d ago

Ebert has earned people's attention when it comes to movies.

but when it comes to video games? i couldn't care less what he has to say.

Tapewurm2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

@Frankfurt... Ebert is entitled to his opinion, I agree, but I have to say that there are some games that easily pass as works of art and for such a "smart, well-spoken man of the world" to not acknowledge that is extremely narrow-minded. Let's face facts.... he is from a time and place where games were not as influential in society as they are today and really has no right or reason to comment on the subject. Stick to what you know....Movies are his forte....he is essentially a complete moron when it comes to the realm of games and the industry and just needs to be silent on the matter.

Greyfoxdbz2414d ago

If games aren't art, then maybe art isn't art either

Hayabusa 1172413d ago

And apparently he gave Tree of Life a perfect score. Everybody I know who's watched the film says it's rubbish: and that includes the pretentious movie loving arty types.

People get it wrong. It's up to you to decided if somenoe's opinion matters to you or not. He might be a brilliant writer and intellectual but that doesn't make him right about everything. Infact, being wrong makes him human :) (and subsequently, believing his opinion is always right also makes him I right?)

Flavor2413d ago

You should just go with the groupthink and stop being intelligent if you ever want alot of bubble votes, Frankfurt. Truth hurts.

Video games are disposable consumer entertainment. They are not art. Go to an art gallery - when was the last time any you guys been to a local art gallery?

Vast majority of big name games are just derivative works based on movies. And mass effect three is not science fiction, it is a juvenile action adventure in a futuristic setting. Complete with tits for the adult children to suckle on.

Flavor2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

double pooossst

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metsgaming2414d ago

The Smithsonian now considers video games an art form, the debate is over.

Oner2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

100% agree.

End of line.

BusterFang2414d ago

Good job, good job indeed. Have a like and a bubble lol

stigmurder2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

People are still whining about this? I have great respect for Roger Ebert and his movie reviews. As the previous gentleman stated the man has serious credentials. However, he does NOT play video games. So why and hell should anyone care about his opinion on them. He does not decide what is art and what is not, it's an opinion he has. I have no doubts that games are an art form. There's a ton of artisitic talent that goes in to many of todays games. So lets move on shall we.

Elvfam5112414d ago

I always listen to a opinion if it makes sense and on topic. Otherwise its whatever plus its sometimes good to listen to outsiders opinion.

MySwordIsHeavenly2414d ago

Why would you listen to his opinion on movie reviews?!? Seriously. Why?!?

shammgod2414d ago

I have never paid any attention to him to begin with so I am good

CernaML2414d ago

This hack spoils pretty big parts of movies in his reviews.

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