Fez creator: “Gamers are the worst f***ing people”

Phil Fish takes a shot at modern Japanese games, and then takes to Twitter with more biting remarks.

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smashcrashbash2410d ago

A lot of anger issues this guy has. He could have simply given his opinion is a less rude and obnoxious way. Instead he blurted out something and is now running around blaming everyone and trying to fix it. That is why you think about everything BEFORE you do or say it so you won't look like an @$$ later.

Abash2410d ago

*Looks at his pic*

Well its safe to say he has a face that matches his personality

CommonSense2410d ago

what does that even mean?

MEsoJD2410d ago

I don't care how good his game is, I'm not going to support such a douche bag.

chazjamie2410d ago

but he speaks the truth. the modern ones do suck

dark-hollow2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Gosh I hate this kind of people.
Once they smell success they act all mighty and everything.

Megaman_nerd2410d ago

for a hipster this guy is quite the attention seeker and controversial.

iamtehpwn2410d ago

Hipster indeed.
Granted Japanese games have declined this generation, they are still the ones I look forward to the most in gaming.

So someone tell him to go back to play games on his ipad.

Bigpappy2410d ago

May be he just ran out of bubbles on N4G. You guys are a rough crowed when it comes to your PS3.

morganfell2410d ago

Really? It's just the PS3 crowd? Hardly.

There is simply no debate that Sony and it's hardware line are at the top of the list for having the most hate/attack/doomed articles on this site.

MidnytRain2410d ago

^^ The doom articles are submitted BECAUSE this site is PS3 centric. Articles are easy to heat up when they pick a fight with the majority.

Nitrowolf22410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I do somewhat agree with his statement on japanese games in the recent years. they aren't as good as they use to be.
But to say that they suck? Yes Japanese developers have ran out of that steam they had back in the PS2 days, but they have their shares of great titles this gen. I mean not evry western game is amazing, we do get a lot of title that suck to.

Either way, he should have expected something like this to happen. The way he kind of addressed this is something that probably could have gone a whole lot better then just coming out and saying that the games suck.Pretty disrespectful and if his response is to say gamers are the worst, then that's is to.
This is just bad PR, expect bad reactions. Simply saying your sorry never really fixes things nowadays.

I don't believe that Japanese gaming will died out and be gone, but it certainly is shrinking and moving towards a westernization, which i don't like. I think we'll eventually see a comeback. Hopefully.

joab7772410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

While his statement may have been crass, and most likely a consequence of the big head this little fish grew after garnering awards and finding himself next to the king of cynicism, jonathon blow,it did ring of truth.

But in a world of insane political correctness, alot of queations get asked, but answers are rarely given. We got an answer, and the reporter correctly took it in it's original spirit, a challenge to japanese developers to get back to the drawing board. I think it will b harder than most may think. Most japanese companies are still great at what they do, ie. Mario and zelda. It's the popularity of western games that has them pulling up the rear nowadays. That and a few fizzling stars that once shone very bright, final fantasy and MGs direction.

hano2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

ummm, there are games and franchises created in Japan that will never be created in the US or any other country for that matter.

Shadow of the Colossus for instance. Another simple one is Brain Training! It started a fad that developers in the west started following. A

The whole fighting Genre is practically created and is maintained only through Japanese developers.

So no, it doesn't ring true. It's just a**holes who don't know that what you consider sucky could be considered different by others. Sure, we all can't stand some quirks the Japanese like but that's really what's good about their games, they're so different and for our sake I hope they don't copy the games in the west.

joab7772409d ago

I said that most japanese developers are great at what they do. And shadow of the colossus isn't exactly new. I agree that they were the foundation of most of what we do now, but u can't deny that new layers are being built on that foundation and they are coming from the west. And i m sure that money is very important, especially to a country that was decimated physically and financially last year. They can't make any games if they aren't financially sound. Despite niche preferences, the writing is on the wall, and i for one, am rooting for them. But sticking ur head in the sand or getting angry doesn't change the fact that most super successful franchises are coming out of the west now. And u can't say that money doesn't matter, or sales don't matter because they used to dominate in sales, and as i mentioned earlier, u can't make games at all if they aren't viable.

MariaHelFutura2410d ago

Some of the best games have been from JP devs. Demon/Dark Souls, GT5 and MGS4 (to name a few)

SybaRat2410d ago

...and now, I'm even more glad that I don't give half a crap about Fez.

DFresh2410d ago

This prick needs to remember gamers created them and we can also destroy them.
Console gamers maybe not because their too f***ing dumb.
PC gamers would tear these developers a new a** hole.

killerhog2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

You pc gamers are just as delusional and arrogant as this guy. You guys seem to have this hubris making ya believe you're better than the rest, but just end up looking like arseholes yaselves.

Jobesy2410d ago

I look at your comment and I can see where this guy is coming from.

jeeves862410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

It's comments like this that project an attitude which make me ashamed to call myself a PC gamer.

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