So I have an HD TV, now what? writes:

"If you think getting high-definition TV here is tough, then spare some sympathy for our cousins over the pond. For despite the fact that 30 per cent of all US households now have HDTV sets, only 44 per cent of those use them to watch high-def TV. How so?"

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Mr_Kuwabara4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

The other 56% are people that don't know what they bought, and think that there watching channels in HD just because they have a T.V. that is HD.

xplosneer4037d ago

The people who don't want to have set top boxes everywhere.

ddldave4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

actually, we have 5 hdtv's in our house right now and we don't have hd cable, because we only use it to watch blu-ray disc and upconverted dvd's. i'm sure most of the rest who owns that hdtv are the same as us.

Chibs4036d ago

Piss poor article that shouldn't have appeared on here.

Figboy4036d ago

i bought an HDTV is because i had a PS3, and it is an HD multi-media platform.

i don't regret the purchase in the least, and i'm actually *STARVING for more HD content.

i'm a gamer first and foremost, and *NOTHING beats playing video games on a big screen TV, and in crisp, clear High Def.

of course, movies and TV shows don't look bad either (granted, i don't watch as many shows in HD, since i don't have a subscription; lol, i guess the article was right about Americans not wanting to pay subscription fees. lol).

what do you do when you have an HDTV? use it!

there are too many foolish consumers out there that don't *RESEARCH what they buy, and just throw their money behind something because someone (namely the salesman), tells them to do it.

all i know, is that i was kind of "meh" about HD and HD gaming, until i saw it in *ACTION, then i was sold.

i bought my PS3 in February, and had to endure 3 months of crappy SD gaming on my 19" SDTV, until June, when i bought me a 40" Samsung 720p LCD. i've been addicted to HD ever since. i've been gobbling up Blu Ray movies as much as possible, and downloading HDTV shows and clips to watch on my PS3 (thanks Divx support!).

i'm still discovering all the things my TV can do (ie, the built in HD tuner), but at least i *KNOW what i bought, thanks to some research.