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SSX represents an oft-entertaining return to form for EA Canada, returning much of the rousing stunting and hectic racing which catapulted the series to fame during the last decade. Save for the title’s frustrating AI, superfluous equipment, and sporadically squelchy soundtrack, the game does delivers doses of adrenaline-drenched exhilaration.

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CharmingMan2415d ago

Weird question- does the game have stars for the voice acting?

MysticStrummer2415d ago

Don't think so. The story in World Tour mode is really disposable, but it's the smallest and easiest part of the game compared to Explore and Global Events. It's an awesome game in my opinion.

madmad2415d ago

The demo felt like the players had no weight to them. Is that the way the final game is?

deserteaglexix2415d ago

The physics in the final build aren't different from the demo.

sharpsword2415d ago

I rented it, they seem a little better. Or maybe its the tracks I've been playing on.

Still, for racing you want to stay on the ground most of the time. That way you can boost.

mediastudies2415d ago

Good review!

I really want this game.

RaptorMan2415d ago

Didn't like the demo and the lack of true multiplayer is disappointing.

MysticStrummer2415d ago

Loved the demo and love the game. Your definition of "true" multiplayer must differ from mine. I love the way Global Events work. I don't have to wait for anyone to start my run, I can pause mid-run to answer my phone/get a beer/make a sandwich/go to the bathroom while my friends keep competing, and when I get done I can immediately restart without waiting again at the bottom of the run. Not liking the feel of the game is one thing, but you're seriously passing on it because everyone doesn't leave starting gates at the same time? That's weird to me. Do you not trust the timer? Not having those starting gates allows many more people into the session. Maybe you mean splitscreen is the only "true" multiplayer gaming...? I wouldn't agree with that either but it would make more sense than the starting gate thing. To each his own, but I think it's awesome and so do my friends.

mastershredder2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

They really delivered on this one. The original SSX is by far one my favorite games from the PS2 era (especially from a game design standpoint). The first time I played it and heard it (the sound production was incredible for its day), it was bliss.

I was not expecting it, but when playing the new SSX, it was like the first time I popped in the original and was synced with the jam'n tunes, theme and gameplay. I'm not so sure what some folks are thinking with the review scores for this, but then again it does not matter. I love it and that's good enough for me!