Horrible Mass Effect Review @ Mercury News

Bandit Labs, December 28 2007 -- Mercury News writer Dean Takahashi shows off his n00b status for all the Internets to see. In his most recent spewing he titles his review of Mass Effect "Mass Defect", which he later changed to whatever its current title is. Proof is given in the first user comment after the article. Bandit Labs feels this is a helpless grasp at higher page visits as a stir of drama, but you never know. Takahashi could actually have such an ignorant perspective. Please have a look inside.

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InMyOpinion4037d ago

Could someone ban TANOD for spamming the report section? Thx

TANOD4037d ago

the NZGAMER review of UNCHARTED was pulled down for bring OLD???

same shoud happen to ME...since ME was released before Uncharted

BIoodmask4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

This is an "article", not a review. Please refer to the heading you can clearly see it is posted as article.

You are comparing Apples to Oranges.

TANOD4037d ago

Since a review of a FULL game (uncharted ) which came out before Mass Effect wasnt approved there is no need to approve an article on OLDER GAME---mass effect

This is not X360's promotional website

InMyOpinion4037d ago

Gotta love conspiracy theories. Are you getting paranoid TANOD? Maybe you should launch a poll?

Round Peg must be a very nice person if someone like you despise him/her.

TANOD4037d ago

You are just another one of RP's fake account

mighty_douche4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Stop moaning... your all like a bunch of little b!tches. We're talking about Computer Games here.... f*ck sake

FPS nut4037d ago

What is wrong with you? I seriously worry about your mental health (no joke) I hope to god somone has you monitored or at least medicated, because I sure wouldn't want someone with your mental problems to go postal and go on some McDonalds/school killing spree. And stop it with shmee/nasim/tanod we all know it's you, who are you trying to fool?

Hatchetforce4037d ago

How many times is this article, with accompanying Mess Effect fanboys crying, going to be published on this site.

Boo hoo, suck it up buttercup.

lawman11084037d ago

PS3 fan douches who are not 360 owners are NOTHING but haters, PERIOD. Mass Effect was FAR AND AWAY a MUCH better game then Uncharted. Rent UC and knock it out in 6 or 7 hrs and save 60 bucks, ME you can play over and over for hours on end

BrianC62344037d ago

What's funny about this review is Xbots can't just say it was someone who hates the Xbox 1.5. Dean Takahashi is a big Xbot himself. I guess his review must be right.

tmatte4037d ago

Yeah 1.10 because opinions can be correct.

Jason 360_Niglet4036d ago

Get off this site. You litter N4G with your Bulls*it everyday. The PS3 is dead in EU and US and maybe one day those crazy Japs with notice how Sony have FAILED with the 7th Generation. A bit of advice for you son. Get off Sony's D*I*C*K and jump in and enjoy a real next gen experience.

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BIoodmask4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Mass effect was brilliant. The writing and dialogue were really impressive. I have been a Bioware fan even back when they making PC only games(Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights). They have yet to let me down. The original KOTOR is still one of my favorites.

I do understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion but the Mass Defect review seemed to be trying to classify it in the shooter category. Which is far from the truth. It's combat sytem is actually an RPG/Shooter hybrid which I thought was pretty neat.

And most of the graphical glitches in the game have a lot to do with UE3. Hopefully Epic will keep updating their engine to rectify these issues.

bababrooks4037d ago

great post bloodmask, it's a shame all posters on this site could not be a sensible. for me bioware are one of the true pioneers in the gaming world.

aaquib54037d ago

Uncharted is easily better than Mass Effect. Frame rate issues, horrible story. Heck, the developers were so desperate to sell it they had to incorporate a lesbian scene.

lawman11084037d ago

Why dont you check the ratio of bad PS3 reviews vs bad 360 reviews, the 360 out sells the PS3 40 to 1 in GAME sales. I have bought over 100 games for the 360 and only 5 for the PS3 and of those only 2 I bought brand new from the store. Try finding games for the PS3 that live up to what little hype they get.AAA+ games? Lair= turd, R&C= Flop, UC= sales bomb UT3? 100,000 sold = SAD NOT one game in the top 20! Guitar Hero3 sold over 1 million on the 360 and not even 400,000 on the PS3. I own each system and like most people who have bought this black bomb it is just a cheap BR player.

InMyOpinion4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

According to and Uncharted is nowhere near as good as Mass Effect. How many GOTY awards has Uncharted received? Best PS3 game you say? Well that's a hard category to win, isn't it? Mass Effect has won several RPG of the year awards.

Gamerankings/Metacritic(colle cted review scores) + awards is the only unbiased way to measure if a game is good or bad. In this case Mass Effect wins.

I think both games are great, but they are also very different and can't be compared to each other.

wageslave4037d ago


Mass Effect @ Metacritic 9.1 / 10

Uncharted @ Metacritic 8.8 / 10

You: Scuk it.

lou4037d ago

This game is kind of boring. I keep forcing myself to play it just because I already beat COD4, Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted. All three of those game are way better than Mass Effect. Maybe I will get the Orange Box today because I really don't want to play Mass Effect anymore. It feels like punishment.

mighty_douche4037d ago

trade in?

no point having a game you dont play! Oh and get the O-Box on the 360, not the gimped PS3 version. Portal ftw!

HarryEtTubMan4037d ago

this is what all my friends say.... that is boring and has corny dialougue(though itsd just a game, all RPG's do to some point) but not one of them even got close to finishing it. One said its literally like a relaly bad Sci Fi channel soap opera show. I never thought this game looked good. Just like Halo wars and NG2. Just looks stale.

dragunrising4037d ago

If I had a dollar for every stupid thing you said I would be a millionaire. Everyone already knows you only own a PS1 and play at the mall PS3 kiosks all day. Get a life...please

shrimpboat4037d ago

I had been kind of down on this game but it really gets good when you get to about 8 hours in. But yes the first 8 hours are kind of boring. i think it is like that because they are making it a trilogy and they are spreading the story out a little too thin. This is the problem with Trilogies.

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titntin4037d ago

More blog comment posted as news. <sigh>

I personally loved Mass Effect from beggining to end, but it WAS flawed, and people have every right to point it out.

BIoodmask4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

this isn't posted as news. If you read the heading it clearly states article, Not news.

If you look at the top contributor for the month it is The_Round_Peg. I think he knows a little bit more about the contributor rules than you do. <sigh> He posted this. <sigh>

aaquib54037d ago

Exactly, idiot. Learn how to read.

mighty_douche4037d ago

Quantity does not = quality.

titntin4037d ago

.. I read the title of the entire site, that suggested we would find NEWS for gamers. It didn't say ' a link to every half arsed opinionated blog entry on the net' 4 gamers. Maybe I read it wrong.

The fact that 'the round peg' is such a high contributor does not mean the man has the ultimate say on what it right or not for the site. You yourself are an exceptionally high contributor, but I often see you submit and approve items that are not newsworthy and are simply opionated flaimbait- the kind of story that has sadly led to a serious decline in the quality of the site.

Incidently, I did love the way you took the <sigh> from my post and used it throughout your own post. So cutting..... I bet you're the centre of attention at parties with such a cutting wit, and a real big hit with the girls!

There's no need to be personally insulting. I wrote one sentance giving my opinion that I didn't think such a blog comment piece was news worthy. That doesn't make me an idiot - that simply means I have different viewpoint to you.

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