The Kitchen Sink Approach: How Much Content Is Too Much In A Game?

GP: "Uninspired stories, lack of content and poor designs are just a few of standard complaints game journalists have when dissecting a video game, but can a company be faulted for creating games that try to overwhelm players?"

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2411d ago
soundslike2411d ago

Nice try, but I disagree.

The real truth is those games aren't for you.

Hicken2411d ago

As long as it's done well, there's no such thing as too much content.

Kakihara2411d ago

I'm currently playing Jak 2 from the Jak and Daxter HD collection and wow, sorry if this sounds like blasphemy but boy is it not fun. The first game was some good pure platforming even if I would rather it had more of a story to hold it together and less of an item collecting grind it was still enjoyable. The second game though, man.. Talk about a textbook case of trying to do far too much at once. I was actually looking forward to that one the most as I love anything set in a Blade runner style dystopian future but the forced GTA badassery coupled with the awful vehicle controls, the poor Tony Hawk imitation sections and the wannabe Ratchet and Clank but without an aiming system is just too much to handle. I usually commit to working through each game in a collection before trying the next but I might just give up on Jak 2 and start on 3, which I really hope is better.

strange19862411d ago

How exactly was the leveling system in Skyrim convoluted? It was really pretty simple, especially if you played Oblivion.

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