More Than Half of US Households Own a Digital Television

December 28, 2007 -- Back in March, 28 percent of US households were rocking at least one HDTV. Now the Consumer Electronics Association has come forward with new figures and projections.

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TANOD4039d ago

Uncharted looks superb on composite/component cables

looks much better on HDMI 1.2

looks super duper duper unmatchable amazing on HDMI 1.3 (only found on PS3 )

PS3 will rule 2008 and beyond

mighty_douche4039d ago

component/HDMI1.2/HDMI1.3 makes very little on a game running in 1080i/720p, but i agree it looks superb!

Martini4039d ago

Too bad Sony won't give you HD cables with it you TOOL.

socomnick4039d ago

@tanrod you sir got owned by martini. lol

Primetimebt4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Whatdo HDMI cables cost? $8 the lowest. The PS3 can output 1.3 while the 360 can do 1.2 if it cost $8 dollars to get a better picture, and sound than why would you even care.

The second thing is if read this article you can simple see the reason why they didn't include the HDMI cables. When 68% people still own SDTV last year you have to cateria to the minority of tv sets.

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aaquib54039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

A friend of mine just got a PS3 and hooked it up to his 1080p Samsung and when I went over it looked horrible, so I checked his settings and it was on 480i composite. He said he didn't know what HDMI was, and it then occured to me that the average consumer who buys a PS3 based purely on games doesn't know what the heck HDMI or component is. They're used to just buying the system and plugging it into their TV. But since Sony didn't include HD cables, many consumers are missing out on what the PS3 can output, which is the highest resolution possible.

Imallvol74039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

you are so right, and it makes me so angry. why don't people pay attention. is it that hard?

my room mate borrowed a friends ps3 for long time. i never went downstairs to see him play it because, well, i hated him and wished i never would have moved in. one day, i walked by why he was playing motorstorm. HE WAS PLAYING IT IN 480i STRETCHED. OMG I could have yelled at him. I did help him though, and i still don't think he understood what happened.

mighty_douche4039d ago

dude if sony included HDMI/Component cables it would of pushed the price up more. Also they would be "Sony" cables ($$$) where you can buy much cheaper unbranded cables of equal quality.

Sony even said they didnt include the cable or headset as other companies do them better for cheaper.

aaquib54039d ago

Who says it has to be Sony? Sony partnered with Jabra to include a Bluetooth headset with Warhawk. And, Sony is already losing money on each console. If they lost a bit more, yes it would hurt them a bit financially, but it would outcome in a higher satisfaction rate with thier consumers. I mean, even at launch of the XBOX 360, Microsoft lost approximately $150 per console, but included HD component cables because they knew that people want to go home and plug in an HD experience.

mighty_douche4039d ago

i get your point. But my choice whether to buy a PS3 or not was not effected by "hmmm now is the HDMI cable included..?"

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hotshot1274039d ago

but anyway, with hdtvs becoming mainstream and bluray leading the high def war right now, even more ps3's will sell.
sony really set themselves up for the long run.
and thats not a fanboy statement, ITS FACT. but tanod/nasim, WHY ARENT YOU EVER ON PSN MAN? I ADDED YOU, WE SHOULD PLAY SOME COD4 SO I CAN OWN YOU.LOL

pwnsause4039d ago

expect them to be included in PS3 boxes next year when they take statistics on the HDTV attach rate and reduce the Price of the PS3 again, if you think thats not going to happen, then your living in dreamland. one more price drop can get them in a good postition to open the system to the mainstream.

hotshot1274039d ago

trust me i think there will be a price cut in march or w/e home and gta4 are about to be released.

idk if it will be dropped to 300 and 400 or 350 and 450 but i KNOW it will happen.

sonys got this in the bag.

they already basically tied with the 360 this holiday season in sales so next year.......................... ...........YOU ALREADY KNOW

aaquib54039d ago

They're getting their @ss beat big time this holiday

ElementX4039d ago

Digital doesn't mean HDTV. You can buy a digital SDTV.