Syndicate review -

"Syndicate cannot fairly be called a bad game – because it isn’t – but it can’t rightly be called masterpiece either, even a flawed one. Although it does feel like a modernisation, it feels more like a remake of some generic old FPS from the PSOne era rather than an update of the clever, addictive tactical shooter with which it shares its name. As such it’s definitely worth a look to any discerning shooter fan, but for those hoping for something more strategic, cerebral and original, this simply isn’t the Revolution you’re looking for."

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zag2412d ago

This isn't a syndicate game.

You were a corp boss who simply led cyber solder around the place.

This is a FPS with you being a cyber solder who isn't in control of anything.

I've read a preview and the mag was saying it's good but it's not really syndicate and it seems ok but a tad gimmicky