Call of Duty Getting Too Old For Action? | LANraiders

Luca Tosney takes a look at the Call of Duty franchise – Is it becoming worn and tired?

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CanadianTurtle2411d ago

Let me explain it this way.

Call of Duty games must heavily rely on story and surprise action scenes. Its just the way this kind of game can work. It doesn't have laser weapons, aliens, and all that fancy sci-fi stuff so the shooting mechanics for all the guns are very similar. Lightweight, almost no recoil, and a lot of "clipping" on to your enemies.

Personally, I don't mind it. I play a ton of FPS games, so I feel as if CoD has it's own unique style of gameplay and presentation. I like the fact that its only 6 hours long in terms of campaign. I mean HONESTLY, do you really want a campaign any longer than that for a CoD game? You'll just be literally clipping onto enemies 100% of the time. Wouldn't that get boring after 5 or 6 hours?