8 Great Gaming Moments

We all have a favorite gaming moment. That moment when you are completely riddled with goosebumps, filled with excitement, or even shock. Games really have the capacity to shock, this does not necessarily mean shocking poor old mommy into an early grave, although a few games comes to mind that has the capability to do so. The shock I’m referring to is the shock that attacks the gamer emotionally.

We also get those moments of pure, white hot adrenaline that makes you sit up in your seat, makes you spill a drink on your favorite cashmere sweater and you inevitably begin to curse. Besides the spilling and the sweater and the cursing, I think it’s safe to say that many people will either get vocally excited (Yes, you know who you are.), or black out, due to lack of oxygen. It’s either something small, like for instance, having to reload your gun while a very hungry, pissed-off enemy is strolling towards you, and you know that you won’t be finished in time. Or we can talk big-time goosebumps, like a certain set-piece that just works and have you all twitchy.

Therefore I present to you: eight of my great gaming moments.

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