Will Next Gen Xbox Shed its Optical Disc Capacity?

Rumors abound about the Next Gen Xbox's lack of disc drive.

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2415d ago
Agent_00_Revan2414d ago

Nope. definitely not. Next rumor please.

nitrogav2414d ago

If its true , Microsoft deserve to fail massive day one . Who is going to download 50 GB games all the time ? . Not to mention all the download caps from your ISP !! .

hellvaguy2413d ago

Idk all my good games I download onto the hard drive now anyways for better peformance like what pc users do.

nitrogav2413d ago

That's great but what size on average are your downloaded games at the moment ? . Come next gen with much bigger resolutions , bigger graphics etc who knows what size there going to be . I would be really surprised if either Microsoft or Sony put in any HDD bigger than 1TB . You would soon fill one of those .

hellvaguy2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

True games get bigger, but as u said hard drives get bigger too (unless they give with expensive ssd's).

But ... I dont need 100 games on the fly on my hard drive at any given point. This is how my current steam games are organized. I dont need all 55 on my hard drive at once. A half dozen, sure. The rest can stay in the cloud for when I get around to playing them for all I care.

I have very fast interest, so the point of 3rd world countries still being on dail-up speeds, doesnt affect my situation. Furthermore, if your in one such area, you prolly cannot afford the next generation of systems which you know are gunna cost $400-500 (even more with some basic accessories).

maniacmayhem2413d ago

Wow, a lot of rumors abound for this not to have a shred of truth.

Could MS be going with a proprietary new format? Something along the lines of a slot card or something of the nature?

The first rumor was MS had a plan to knock out used game sales. I'll have to wait and see to make a full decision but I am definitely not happy with any company trying their best to screw used games.