Twinfinite: Using the Kübler-Ross Model to Treat Nintendo Grief

Are you stuck in a period of Nintendo grief? Have the dust on your Wii and the cobwebs on your 3DS left you with a general distaste for the company? I know how you’re feeling, dear reader, and I’m here to help with the only way I know how: a telling of my own struggle and my road to recovery.

I’m going to recount my own steps toward dealing with this problem and the events that triggered them. If any of them sound familiar to you, you may be farther on the road to recovery than you thought. You see, when dealing with my loss of a love once had, I followed the classic Kübler-Ross model, the five stages of grieving.

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browngamer412440d ago

What a trollin as- article..My 3ds is used so much it barely has time to charge let alone gather dust-my Wii sure It's not getting played-but please don't lump my 3DS with your idiotic and misleading fanboy statements..

PSVITAlitysensor2440d ago

Yeah, 3DS rocks and it has some of the best games ever!

CaptainN2439d ago

This rant wasn't worth reading at all. This is something that really shouldn't have been approved, as it offers nothing but someone complaining and having mixed emotions of Nintendo.

axisofweevils2439d ago

The weirdest thing is that the 3DS is not mentioned in the article. It's just someone who hates the Wii because he bought games and didn't play them? What?

2439d ago
urwifeminder2439d ago

Have not had anything nintendo since n64 cmon wii u were keen to buy.

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