360 Holiday Sales Wreak Havoc on Xbox LIVE Servers - Seriously

Dan Landis of writes:

"As of Wednesday the 26th, my experience with Xbox LIVE could best be described as "inconsistent". I am randomly and sporadically kicked off of the service, and by that, I mean any time I try to do something - anything.

Around noon today, my annoyance got the best of me, and I called up 1-800-4my-xbox. I was greeted, as always, by the never-helpful automated super-dork - Max.

Anyhow, long story short, the agent tells me that the Xbox LIVE servers are having difficulty dealing with the massive influx of users that apparently got a 360 for Christmas. "Seriously?" I asked. "Yes, seriously" he responded."

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Twizlex4040d ago

Don't you think Microsoft should have been more prepared for this? I mean, they EXPECTED to sell a lot for Christmas, so why didn't they think that all those people are going to use the system and, you know, prepare for it a little better?

TANOD4040d ago

MS servers are not good.

Twizlex4040d ago

Yes, that's my point. The 360 sold well, and they are blaming those sales for all the problems Xbox Live is having. I can't even log in right now. I love the system and the games, but the hardware failures and problems like this really make it hard to sing its praises. Thank you Microsoft for preventing me from becoming a fanboy!

Idmpc4040d ago

Because, as usual, Microsoft waits for the sh*t to hit the fan to actually start PLANNING to do something about it. That's why the servers are down, and that's why they don't give a sh*t that you're paying to have the servers up and running 24/7.

fresco4040d ago

blaming sales is a cop out..

but guess i've been lucky, haven't had any problems getting online and been playing the last 4 or 5 days.

Bathyj4040d ago

So thats whats going on. I turn my Xbox on for the first time in about 6 weeks to play a bit of Full Spectrum Warrior and it took so long to get online I though maybe I got banned for having and imaginary mod.

Then when it finally got online I needed the latest update, an after that, another update to play the actual Xbox1 games. Phew ! Half an hour later I was actually Alpha and Bravo'ing it up. Man I like having these connected consoles that update but sometimes its a pain too. Oh well.

Congrats to Australia for whupping India and going to 15 Test Match wins in a row. The record (our record) looks in danger.

BrianC62344040d ago

This story is just that, a story. I'm no Xbox fan but Microsoft has a big enough network to handle the demands. I think this guy just made it up to make Microsoft look like it gained a lot of new gamers. Maybe a lot of kiddies got their 360 Christmas day and just got on. If that's true Xbox Live is in trouble. Just what you need, more dorky kids to mess up your online games.

speakthetruth4040d ago

I can't even get a single online match to start in Street Fighter. This is complete Bullsh*t. I am paying for Live and can't play it. I have a hard time even downloading anything from the marketplace.

Oh well, guess I'll watch some HD DVD's. I need to figure out which movies I'm getting for tomorrow Buy Three get Two free HD DVD sale at BEST BUY tomorrow.

shrimpboat4039d ago

I mean really. It's been over a week and they still haven't fix this sh!t. The Sony PSN has never had these problems for over 1 hour and that was with Warhawk.

Do yourself a favor and get a PS3 before Killzone 2 comes out. If it is this bad now imagine how it will be next year.

this wouldn't be that bad if the hardware wasn't crap also. They always talk about how Live is way better and more reliable and that's there advantage but look at what's going on now.

360 Hardware= Crap
LIVE = Crap not working for over a week
360 Warranty = Crap because it takes 3 weeks without your console before you get it back and it will break again.

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Rice4040d ago

LOL, exact same thing happened to me.

crazypuppet4040d ago

the first outage was when halo 3 came out and that was only like 1 day ever since cod4 came out theres been outages every week almost

Blademask4040d ago

Its getting rather old for MS to act like its ok because its due to such huge traffic.

Fix the servers. Its simple, its what MS specializes in.

DJ4040d ago

for over 5 years now; you'd think they'd have a handle on this by now.

PS360WII4040d ago

Well what are they at as far as Live subscripers? 6 million then some? If Live is having this kind of problem with having over 5 years of online gaming experience what do you think Sony and Nintendo will do when they get 6 million plus online users?

Although, it yet again makes me question my 50/year. Still the cheapest bill of the year but if I paid for a system that won't get the job done then what's the point.

Blademask4040d ago

In fact, I believe they INVENTED it?

Pawning off an excuse of 'Oh hah.. its due to so many people buying 360's for the holidays' is unacceptable.

As if they dont have a precise # of xbl users or 360 hardware shipped. Its the best service out right there, and there is nothing to compete with. If Sony and Nintendo get their services up, free, and stable. MS will have to update their system.

mighty_douche4040d ago

Dude they could update it to come with a free inflatable Jessica Alba, coming from a PC back ground, i refuse to pay to play online! its a f*cking joke.

PS360WII4040d ago

I kind of hear what you're saying but I'm getting lost sorry. So yes I understand that Live is still the premier online compared to Sony and Nintendo, but saying that because it's just a bunch of people buying the xbox that is why the problems are occurring is a bunk excuse. I get that it's more of a cop out then anything. Although you say it's unexcusable but they don't really need to do anything seeing they still offer the best out of the three.

I mean which is it. Update it now or deal with the irregularities until it's challenged by Sony or Nintendo?

Blademask4040d ago

I'm saying XBL is the "best" service available right now out of the 3 consoles. Considering the piss poor state of PSN and WII's "planned network." Its not saying much. When Home and WII delivers a more stable, and free service. Microsoft will have to upgrade. Right now, there is no sense in doing so. All XBL users are being chumped to pay for free offerings of PSN/PC play. But it offers more as far as movie content, which I dont use because the quality is terrible. Or I dl.. *shhh*. But no one is complaining, because there is NOTHING comparable.

PS360WII4040d ago

ha yea I'm not even sure what the disagree was for anyway, but who doesn't get that random disagree ^^

Yea eventually they'll upgrade but you're right no one really is complaining minus the usual 1% or whichever and Sony & Nintendo players ;) so no radical change is needed. I don't do the movie service because you don't keep them but I have a few TV shows which is kind of nice. I use the online when I do and get the movie previews as far as live goes, but same goes for PSN and Wii I'll use on the few online games and the browser for the :)

As far as the way I use online and play games the services are pretty much the same, but I know people use more stuff then I do so I'm the minority.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4040d ago

MS announce 8.1 million after halo came out. id guess over 9 million right now.

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