FiringSquad's Top 10 Gaming News Stories of 2007

December 28, 2007, by John JCal Callaham -- It has been an incredibly busy year for the video and PC game industry. Surprise mergers, unexpected developments and lots of turmoil have almost been the norm in the past 12 months but with the year almost finished it's time to take a look back at the major events of the past year and how they might affect the game industry in the next 12 months. FiringSquad have picked out their selections for the top 10 biggest gaming news stories of the year (with a few additional honorable mentions) and they think this quick review of 2007 will serve as a way to perhaps better predict what might happen in the near future.

10. Windows Vista/DirectX10 Launch
9. Silicon Knights/Epic Games Lawsuit
8. Manhunt 2 Banned in UK
7. The New E3 and the E For All Launch
6. Xbox 360 Hardware Problems
5. Bungie Breaks Away from Microsoft
4. Electronic Arts Buys BioWare/Pandemic
3. Starcraft II Annnounced
2. Activision Blizzard Formed
1. Nintendo Wii and DS Sales

Honorable mentions:

• Halo 3 Launch
• New Publishers (Brash Entertainment and Gamecock Media) Formed
• Rock Band Announced
• Gamespot Editor (Jeff Gerstmann) Firing
• id's Rage Announced
• PS3 Sales
• Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

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blynx1824036d ago

Sony didn't make the list.