Sorcery: Sony’s “mandate” was “to make an iconic game” for Move, says The Workshop

VG247- During a Move-centric GDC panel, president and co-founder of The Workshop, Peter Akemann, noted the team’s Sorcery title had been in development for three years and due to the reception it received at E3 2010, Sony “doubled down” on the game which led to a change in nature and direction thus becoming a ‘killer app’ for Move.

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from the beach2411d ago

The question then is why give an unproven studio such a heady task?

Also I do like his theory on "the lazy gamer", I think people being fat fucks has more to do with the unacceptance of motion controls than the quality of the games.

NYC_Gamer2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Why buy a motion controller that doesn't offer any quality software?Wii proves that gamers aren't lazy just look at the sales of that console/first party titles.

from the beach2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

It has great software and its best games sell well, I'm just trying to figure out why the internet and the 'hardcore gamers', aka nerds, hate it.

Because they're fat fucks who can barely lift their flabby arms to swing a Wii-mote, let alone stand for a prolonged period of time to play on Kinect, seems as good an explanation as any.

DigitalRaptor2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Why presume all nerds are "fat fucks", as you so graciously put it?

Nerds come in all shapes and sizes, but not all enjoy playing their games like motion control makes you. Are PC gamers and console fans all "fat fucks" because they dislike having to exert more energy to get the same results a pressing buttons with their "fat" fingers? The only kind of motion control I need is the motion to press a button or move a mouse.

GraveLord2411d ago

Because all the "proven" studios are making core games?
Because they know not every has or wants PS Move?
They will always support their core audience instead of pushing some peripheral down our throats.

from the beach2411d ago

People won't want it either if it's perceived as getting the 'b team' games - which leads to the question why release a product only to support it half-assedly?

Hicken2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

So who's proven with the Move?

No, I have a better question: if you never give someone the chance, how can they become "proven?"

There's no guarantee that ANY developer is up to ANY game; the only way we can know is to give them the game and see how it turns out.

You're entitled to your opinion, but a lot of people- specifically the Madden, FIFA, NBA, and MLB crowds- are rather active outside of gaming and STILL have no interest in motion control. Instead of being fat, I'm considerably UNDER weight, yet I also dislike motion gaming for the most part. The majority of people I know who grew up with gaming consoles like the NES and even Atari systems don't necessarily hate motion controls, but nor are they rushing out to buy it.

I don't know what you based your generalization of those who dislike motion gaming on, but you're far off the mark.

Edit: Again, I ask: how can someone be proven without first giving them games to prove themselves? Developers don't just suddenly get a pedigree; they earn it from putting out quality titles. Without the chance to make quality titles, though, they're always gonna be "unproven."

Sony thinks they can do it. I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a gamble this generation that has not worked out to Sony's favor(and, more importantly, to us gamers' favor), so I'm more than a little inclined to trust their judgement on this.

from the beach2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

The only indication of a game's quality is the pedigree of the people making it, and these folks appear to have none - so my question was why charge them with making your key game instead of a more illustrious studio.

Proven with Move doesn't matter a jot.

Proven game-makers is the important bit.

The 'lazy' theory was put forward by the person interviewed in that article, I think it just might have some credibility - although I'm also having fun taking a cheap shot at people who don't like motion controls, to be fair :p

from the beach2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Well we're going round in circles now so i'll just leave it here!

Maybe they will prove themselves with what does look to be an interesting game. I look forward to finding out.