Digital Foundry- Face-Off: Street Fighter x Tekken

Eurogamer- Overall, while Street Fighter x Tekken is strongly recommended on both formats, the bugs we encountered are clearly an issue, with the timed unlocks and DLC strategy being a bit of a pain. It's hard to ignore the inconsistent online play, the odd choice of time-locked characters, and future DLC being already included on the disc. On the other hand, the multi-platform conversion work is remarkably close and Capcom has managed to produce one of the most thoroughly entertaining beat 'em ups of recent years.

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Boody-Bandit2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I rarely post on them but I am a big fight fan and I pick up almost every fighter for all available formats. With that said, after playing both the PS3 and 360 version on my displays since the game released, SFxTekken looks better on the 360. To be honest it's pretty noticeable even if you haven't played them side by side on the same panel at the same time, as I have on my triple panel setup.

I don't understand why the PS3 version does not get 2X anti aliasing. It makes a clear difference in nearly every aspect of the visuals. The details are more crisp, edges smoothed out and the color has slightly more punch on the 360.

I have tried the game on the exact same settings with each display and then I tweaked them as best as could to favor the hardware to their strengths. No matter how I calibrated my displays the 360 version looked better.

They both play identical, PS3 version (after installation) loads a hair faster and they sound the same. That is what should matter most to PS3 only consumers.

Edit: You can pound the disagree button until your finger bleeds. It doesn't change facts and that is what you are disagreeing with. It's not an opinion it's reality. I am an HT nut and I know a thing or 3 about calibrating visuals and sounds systems.

I have 3 360's and 3 PS3's hooked up to my setup included in this post. Just put this setup together a couple months ago. Now I don't have to rely on digital foundry or lens of truth. I can see for myself when I feel the need to know.

raytraceme2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Mother f* that's a beastly setup 0_0 so jealous right now :( anyways I saw the ps3 version looked that little jaggy worse. Otherwise 60fps constant and good gameplay means that wont matter much at all.

specialguest2415d ago

Screw the comparison! Lets talk about your 3 big screen setup. One of the nicest looking setup for racing games. Damn, you got it made...I'm envious.

Tito082415d ago

As long as the game runs better, that AA a little crispiness in graphics is irrelevant for most players!!!!

Boody-Bandit2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

"However, we still get the perception of a faultless 60FPS presentation, with only the digital precision of frame-rate analysis telling us anything different - the odd dropped frame here and there simply CAN'T BE DISCERNED BY THE HUMAN EYE: the action is fluid and the controller response remains very crisp."

Pay special attention to the capped part: CAN'T BE DISCERNED BY THE HUMAN EYE. You know the 1 or 2 frame drops on the most severe of occasions with 1 SOLE video tear. I am extremely perceptive to video tearing I have have yet to see one of the 360 version. This is exactly what DF is saying. They are there on OCCASION but not noticeable with video measuring equipment to prove it to you.

They play identical. I have both and have done most of the trial challenges for both. That far and away is the best indication of input lag performance. There is none. They are identical in their response, movement and execution of moves.

Once the PC version is released that will be the one I play most unless I am taking on my friends that don't own a PC gaming rig. On my rig I will be able to play SFxTekken over 120fps vsync @ 16XQ Anti Aliasing. So you see, none of this matters much to me between the consoles for me not to be telling the brutally honest truth <- as per my name sake.

Tito082414d ago

It's hard to see the drop in frames, but still PS3 version runs better, & I don't buy into that controller response thing, if that was the case then 360 would be the console to use at Evo tourneys... I played both console versions, & I can't really tell the difference from my experience & controller response is the same, but the PS controller is more fighting game friendly than 360 cont, & Arcades is good in both, both versions are good, & that's what matters!!!!!

Boody-Bandit2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

If it didn't matter you wouldn't keep arguing other wise.

360 version looks better and they play identical.
I have friends on all formats (PS3, 360 and PC) and sticks for all as well.

PC > 360 > PS3

Could care less what Evo uses.
If Evo cared they wouldn't have used the PS3 version of SFIV or SSFIV since it was proven time and time again it had 2 frames a second input lag.

I'm out of bubbles and bored with this topic any way. I just wanted to inform the miss informed. Back to SF x Tekken, CIAO brother man.

^Maybe Evo should get their act together, huh?
Oh and before you try and say these are doctored or not "what ever", Justin Wong himself complained about the input lag of both SFIV and SSFIV on the PS3. But what would a guy like him know about Street Fighter and input lag?

Frankfurt2415d ago

Every Capcom fighter runs better on 360. Some even run at a better framerate (60fps instead of 59 or 58 in PS3), it's not just graphics.

It's true to every genre, not just fighters. Unified RAM means big games like Skyrim actually run. Better V-Synch, so 360 versions have less tearing. Higher framerates. Less input lag. More AA.

Unless you'rte buying L.A. Noire or Final Fantasy CG-all-day-fest, you just buy the 360 version.

raytraceme2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Infamous 2 says otherwise. Infamous festival of blood out did 2 and included anti aliasing as well all in a full 720p resolution ;)

CandyCaptain2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

You didn't read it article did you Frank? Otherwise you would know that the ps3 maintains the higher framerate with no screen tear. Not that the 360 is slouching, it gets 2X MSAA. The ps3 loads slower without the optional install. Though in the end the ps3 gets 5 more characters and mode. So buyers can either go with a slightly cleaner image or extra content. Edited for mode.

Redempteur2415d ago

"less input lag ?? "
lol you 360 - only lovers will believe any lies do you ?

Ps: if skyrim had problems the reason is just dev being lazy ...
Ps2: the capcom fighters doesn't run better on 360.. they are on the same level overall

lover20122414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

wow my brain lost a cell reading that comment
almost every body on earth know ps3 is more powerfull than xbox360
but harder to program for that's all
you Care so much for LOT and DF
let's see what they think about what console has the best looking games on consoles

Lens of truth :
"At first, it looked like the 360 was the way to go due to the PS3′s very unique architecture. However as developers started digging deeper into what the PS3 could do, things got a little more interesting. In terms of exclusives, the PS3 has the best looking games on the console market. No multiplat nor 360 exclusive have been able to touch games like Killzone 3, Uncharted 2 & 3, God of War 3, and Infamous 2. A few have come close, but we have yet to see it actually happen."

DF :
"And it is - quite clearly - one of the most beautiful video games of its age. Where Uncharted 3 is peerless and unparalleled is in its ability to defy the technological constraints of current-generation platforms, which raises an interesting question about whether ideas are the real premium now over and above the technological arms race that has powered current-gen console game development"

so a multiplat game have a little better AA or little better shadow on xbox360
(when they look the same for the naked eye)
is nothing when all of them on consoles are not even close to ps3 exclusives like uc2/3 or kz2/3 or gow3

the gfx awards for uncharted 3 prove it once again

and show me where are the gfx awards for gears 3 or skyrim or bf3 or any damn game on consoles in 2011
or 2010 or 2009 or 2008
go ahead i will wait

Tito082414d ago

See Frankurt??? you got owned by facts!!!!

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Rolento2415d ago

Looks like the PS3 version is the superior version (as expected). 5 exclusive characters and an exclusive pair play mode (2 people on a local console vs ppl online).

rjgbyrne2415d ago

I got the impression they were saying the Xbox version was better all the way through but the minimal 2 player mode and 5 extra characters make the PS3 version the better buy. Megaman and Pacman should be unlocked on the Xbox version too but Capcom will screw all owners for the already produced, on disc content. Can we get a class action lawsuit going please? I purchased the software in full and should be entitled to all the content without having to fork out extra money. A big shame on Sony and MS for allowing Capcon and others to do this, especially as they promoted the characters before launch. Greed is greed and there is no other way to discribe it. I hope all capcom exes get cancer of the [email protected]$... If there is such a thing as karma they would!

Tito082415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Here's the thing, the 360 got favored for the little thing known as Anti-Aliasing, I mean this is clearly something I'm interested the least... Why would I want to play a game because of the Anti-Aliasing crap.... I could really careless if the game looks a little dirt cleaner or colorful when the other is fully locked at 60fps with exclusive content as well!!!! BTW the 360 is so easy to develop for & is awfully easy to port, but easiness doesn't always means better, & that looks a little better doesn't mean it'll run better, but PS3 SFxT being favored for performance & content is always more acceptable than simple AA!!!!!

rjgbyrne2408d ago

Fact is the game is good on both consoles, they just put gamers over a barrel for the DLC, whichever one is better performance wise, neither deserve to sell well for Capcom using unethical practices, falsely promoting the full roster before release and then locking characters on the disc. Mega-Fail Crapcom, ha! I used to have find memories of early Capcom arcade games, now they just remind me how much a greedy Japanese Scam company they have become.