Gameloft game designer leaks unannounced squad-based FPS for PlayStation Vita

TechNoid writes: "One of Gamelofts game designers, Stefan Jewinski, leaked a new, unancounced shooter for the PlayStation Vita."

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cpayne932505d ago

Ha Ha I love google translate. Anyway, isn't this the fourth fps announced for Vita, the others being Resistance, Killzone, and cod? Or have I missed one?

fl1pp132505d ago

Yeah, the source doesn't say it's the first shooter, just that Unit 13 was the first shooter to be released on the Vita.

NewMonday2505d ago

knowing Gameloft it will be a BF rip-off called Battlezone or Killfield

protoflux2505d ago

ow gameloft eh... anticipation level: meh

gtxgamer22505d ago

Hmmmm teambased, so maybe will be co-op?

blackblades2505d ago

There better not be alot of shooters on vita, come on jrpgs.