New Releases: March 11th – 17th 2012, Fifa Street and Silent Hill Headline Another Busy Week

Following last week’s Mass Effect 3 launch, this week sees the release of Fifa Street, Silent Hill: Downpour and quite a few other games that will appeal to gamers of all audiences.

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Dante1122439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Idk if it's just me, but it seems like Silent Hill Downpour hasn't had any shine these past months leading to release (promotion). I didn't even know that it was coming out this month.

Edit: There hasn't been that much excitement or enthusiasm on the SH forums I go to either. Almost like a ghost town. Konami should have never split up the original SH team or gave the franchise to other developers *smh*.

TrendyGamers2439d ago

They probably just wanted to avoid Mass Effect 3 marketting as much as possible. You'll probably start seeing ads next week with a commercial advertising Downpour, the HD Collection, and Book of Memories at the same time.

ritsuka6662439d ago

I'm a fanboy of SH , and I seriously doubt Downpour will be anything good, if not terrible.

I don't get excited about this game, SHM.

TrendyGamers2439d ago

At least we have the HD collection out the week after if it isn't very good.

Kyosuke_Sanada2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I am willing to give Silent Hill: Downpour a chance. It doesn't look it's going to be another Silent Hill: Homecoming which depended way too much on Pyramid Head for sales. Vatra games are trying to be original while following the rules of the old SH which made the series great. The only flaw is that they still appear to have added from the movies as well which I am not a big fan of.

I am very intrested to see the outcome.....

tiffac0082438d ago

Tales of Graces: F, Yakuza of the Dead and The Journey. :D

TrendyGamers2438d ago

Pretty good week ahead of you!

tiffac0082438d ago

I know, I've been saving for these guys. :)

Redcrimson1012438d ago

U pretty much said it for me Dante112. They should've made the original team who made the first three silent hills to creat downpour. I know it's going to suck. Shame.