PS3 Input Lag: Battlefield 3 Vs Bad Company 2

MP1st - Input lag on the PlayStation 3 has been affecting Battlefield 3 PS3 players differently. Some experience a lot, while others, only a little. It depends on a number of factors including your TV set up, or perhaps even the controller you’re using. Then of course, there is the issue with the game itself. Most likely, you’ve read numerous reports on the issue as it has been apparent since the launch of Battlefield 3. Though DICE has yet to announce a fix, they have suggested a number of things to help improve the situation.

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Frankfurt2415d ago

a lot of PS3 games have lag. nobody that cares about having the best version of games has a PS3. over 200 digital foundry features (plus lens of truth, if you want the number to become even larger) prove that.

input lag, AA, textures, v-sync... everything is worse on PS3. numbers don't lie.

Virtual_Reality2415d ago

So, is the fault from PS3 or some Devs? Because other 3rd Party Devs already proved they can develop on PS3 flawlessly.

Criminal2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

It's the developers' fault. They have to factor in the time to understand the system. Specially, in this case, DICE had a better solution for BF:BC2, so there's no excuse for them.

BattleAxe2415d ago

DICE is a crappy developer that makes a decent game....if you know what I mean. They have problems with all of their games, and they don't release their games with much content compared to games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Call of Duty.

cpayne932415d ago

I have not experienced many differences in controls between 3rd party games on ps3 vs. 360, bf3 is the only game I have had this problem with. Some multiplats do tend to run better on 360, but the differences are almost always to minor it really doesn't matter as much as people pretend they do.

F7U122415d ago


since these problems are so pervasive on Sony's plat, as you claim I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult for you to link to some of these over 200 articles that highlight these problematic issues on the PS3.

LOL_WUT2415d ago

I was just playing BFBC2 yesterday and the day before and i just realized how much better Bad Company is than BF3. I wish it wasn't i guess the hype got to me, everything just feels much better in BC2.

jizzyjones2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I agree, better maps, better kits, better weapons, better destruction, more controllable vehicles, no gay lens flares and more 'Battlefield moments' ;)

darkknight09962415d ago

I agree with you.
I feel that the aiming in BFBC2 is much better then BF3. and the most important thing NO frag shotguns.

Tonester9252415d ago

I don't feel any lag when I'm playing.

F7U122415d ago

it doesn't affect all players.

Tonester9252415d ago

Now that I played it again today. There is a slight lag. Reminds me of Killzone

Holeran2415d ago

Yes you can get some of the input lag out of it by optimizing some things on your end but 90% is based on the code that your PS3 is reading. And for the people who don't feel lag on PS3 it's because you either never played the beta which was far superior or you don't know what input lag is.

Swiftcricket2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Played the beta, no lag then, no lag now. I know exactly what input lag is I've experienced it with other games before and it irritates me to no end but BF3 works smoothly and it reacts immediately for me. It really is situational like the video says.

Holeran2415d ago

Sorry got to disagree. I have 2 top of the line televisions, 1 with 5 millisecond response time, 2 PS3 systems (1 fat and 1 slim), 4 different controllers, end of story. It's the code.

Swiftcricket2415d ago

Didn't say there wasn't anything wrong with the code. Some people obviously do have input lag issues, just saying that not everybody does. One of my friends does and he won't play because of it (I played on his console and noticed a definite difference). But I and the rest of my friends personally don't have the issue.

Drabent2415d ago

Finally!!! Thank you pointing this out....input lag is killing me, if a enemy not running straight toward me I'm toast 80% of the time><

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