Project Revolution demo released - Play Starcraft in 3D

Finally! After more than 3 years in development, Project Revolution demo is now downloadable. This demo allows you to play Starcraft Terran race in 3D using the Warcraft III Engine. You must have the Starcraft: Brood War and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne CDs installed and updated with the latest patches (All English-version) and load the CDs on your CD-Drive when asked by the installer in order to play this demo. Installation won't work on non-English versions of the Game CDs. No Mac installer at this time. Windows Vista is not supported.

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Chaos Striker4040d ago

garbage based on what? gameplay? style? Give something to back up your claim. Otherwise you're basically eating and breathing garbage.

Tarmgar4040d ago

You have to have 2 games and expansions to them fully installed and updated just to play a demo of a Mod for and old game? Wtf???

TheIneffableBob4040d ago

Damn, I don't have The Frozen Throne.

JohnCarpenter4040d ago

The images and clip do not look very 3d ... ???

Norad64040d ago

um, it looks like starcraft. Where's the 3D? stupid and not worth your time. HA, they spent three years on that?!?!? LOL

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