First Ninja Gaiden Sigma Scans

Check out the scans and give the folks over at Tecmo a hand, folks. Ryu Hayabusa is definitely going to make his PS3 debut in style.

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calderra5857d ago

I got $20 riding on an "OMGhawrd!!!" difficulty setting where you press the "Start" button and are immediately assaulted by a sentient army of 1,000 invincible demons who cannot be harmed and who can instantly kill you if they turn in your direction, the mode can never be completed, and there are no goals.

NG fans will proclaim this difficulty to be "what we've been waiting for" and hail this game as being absolutely revolutionary for finally being "a mild challenge".

uuuunvnv25857d ago

so what was the point of puting out these little, cant see a thing screens? also, what is the point of bringing the SAME GAME OUT 3 TIMES!!!!

jdktech20105856d ago

I don't find these scans too impressive. Granted they are scans and not in-game footage but I don't think they should have let these out in that condition. It doesn't make me wanna go crazy over it since (judging by these scans (yes i know its prelimenary and not in-game so don't jump all over me) kinda make me think it looks better on xbox and to not immediatly wanna buy it. All I'm saying is I think companies (in general, MS, Sony, all of them) should wait to show off their games until its something to be amazed by.

Say's you5856d ago

That those are not in game footage when clearly they are you retarded moron? "God" you are the dumbest moron! ever that ever stepped into News4gamers when really,I just saw Ryu fighting a white ninja in game footage
"Uh! Duh!" what are you some super retarded moron that can't tell from cutscenes from in game footage!.

Scrooge5856d ago

Hey, calm down. It's not like the guy insulted your mother or anything. I know, it's easy to talk tough behind your computer, isn't it?

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